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Dotster Company Overview

You can get a hosting package for $3.75 with dotster; with the site builder, and easy to follow instructions, nearly anyone can build an online site with them. The easy to use features, and the simplified c panel, also allows you to quickly and easily build your site, or to make the changes where necessary. You don't need technical know how, in order to be able to build your site with this online host.

Price Value

At $3.75, the dotster price is fairly reasonable. It is an Eco friendly host, and they provide unlimited disk and bandwidth space. You also have unlimited domains, and sub domains, plus, at a lower price tier, you receive far more features, along with marketing/ advertising bonuses. You can do your hosting easily with this company, and the low starting price, and low tiered pricing, means any small business is going to be able to afford a plan with them.

Reliability and Performance

With 150% renewable hosting plants, and all natural hosting, you are not going to experience downtime when you work with this host. In fact, you are going to find that they provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee; and, when you choose to do your hosting with them, this is actually a guarantee that you can trust as a customer. Your site won't run slowly, and you won't lose customers due to downtime with them.

Features and Control Panel

In addition to being a renewable hosting company, they also offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. You receive several email accounts, my sql, DNS management, ftp logins, and more. You will work with the common, easy to use c panel as the control panel for this host as well. This means that to add or edit your site, you are simply going to use the small apps on your homepage, in order to make changes. And, with the site builder feature you get through dotster, it is quite simple for you to learn how to build a site, even if you have no experience in doing so. With easy to follow instructions, anyone can build a great site when working with the host.


They are truly always available; you can call the dotster offices at any time, and will receive a response, typically within a couple of minutes. For email support, you will wait about an hour or two. You can use online help guides, as well as tutorials on their page as well, when you are building your site. There is more than one way to reach them when you need help, and they truly do respond to the questions and calls for their customers, in a short period of time, so you don't have to wait several hours, or even days, for an answer.


Low pricing, Green hosting, and a trusted name in dotster. You will appreciate the site builder, and easy to use features when building your site. Great support is also something that you will experience, when you choose to do your hosting for your site with dotster.
Michael Lederstatter
Michael loves helping people like you finding the best hosting provider for their individual needs.

Michael is founder of and the web agency He works as a web designer and server admin since 1998.

When he's not blogging, he's probably outdoors growing food in his garden or doing something awesome with his dearest and the kids.
Editor rating:
Price Value:  
  • Under $4, gets you an easy site builder, and great plan to start.
  • Eco friendly hosting to their customers.
  • More plan options than competitors have to offer.
  • Uptime is sometimes an issue if you are working at peak hours, in other countries.
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