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ResellerClub Company Overview

ResellerClub was established back in 1998 and is a veteran company that emphasizes on quality customer support and services, with their core objective to provide cutting-edge web services to resellers all around the world.

They operate with a staff counting more than 250+ members. They have more than 200,000 reseller customers around the globe and they operate in more than 236 countries.
ResellerClub Review
Plus, they have served more than 5 million domains through resellers. The company is known for its quick customer and technical support as well as a flexible category of diversified and budget-friendly webhosting and reseller services.

The company is a big part of DGB (Directi Group Business) - a company regarded as being one of the biggest privately owned and operated web solutions service provider around the globe. The DGB is also the number one end-to-end domain reseller provider, catering its services to both startups as well as big businesses.

ResellerClub follows in DGB's footsteps, providing exclusive domain reseller services, webhosting, and web designing as well as a powerful group of miscellaneous website efficiency and developing services.

ResellerClub is also responsible for providing thousands of companies with innovative web solutions and services, spearheading the back-end infrastructure and designing topnotch software for several businesses.

The company's product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of web based services, which primarily include Domain Registration (gTLDs and ccTLDs), shared webhosting for both Windows and Linux based operating services, mail hosting, antispam for mail hosting, antivirus programming for mail hosting, Secure Socket Layer Certification, etc.

I was impressed when I found out that they their product portfolio consisted of a research and development effort that took more than 9 years.

Price Value

What ResellerClub actually does is it resells its shared webhosting plans to entry level webmasters, advanced webmasters and business organizations on the basis of both Windows and Linux operating systems.
The major reason behind ResellerClub's immense success was its ability to always be up to date in regards to their software and hardware so that their users could strong trust and faith in the company to redistribute its webhosting plans and other features and then sell them to different clients and businesses.

Another reason why ResellerClub has become so overly popular and successful is because of its capability to provide its users with flexible and affordable webhosting plans. Their entry level webhosting plan, namely R0 comes with numerous beginner features and benefits at a nominal cost, which is under $10.

Additionally, you will be amazed how much discounts and promotions ResellerClub offers to users all over the world. By utilizing their promotional codes and discount deals you can get up to 40% off on their other more streamlined packages for advanced and corporate users. Check out our special offers page with exclusive coupons for our readers to find your ResellerClub Coupon.

The company's services are widely popular amongst Linux users, which is basically why I have chosen to direct this price value section on their Linux webhosting plans.

ResellerClub has a total of five webhosting flexibly designed webhosting plans, catering to a wide range of users. The names of the shared hosting plans are R0, R1, R2, R3 and R4.

The R4 plan is designed for top level users and businesses and consists of 200 GBs worth of hard disk storage, 4 MB worth of bandwidth, limitless domain names and POP3 email subscription accounts.

Moreover, I was thoroughly impressed with the fact that resellers were given the opportunity to utilize topnotch programming applications and features, namely PHP 5.3x, Perl, CGI, Python, Curl, MySQL 5 and Apache 2.2x. It doesn't get any more powerful than this.

Plus, the ResellerClub R webhosting plans also provide Zend Engine, Zend Optimizer, RAID Controller and the ionCube Loader application for utilization as well.

More importantly, the company provides users with incredibly efficient and effective server platforms with technical specifications such as RAID1 drive, Intel Xeon processors, 24 GB worth of processing power and Intel dual quad core systems.

Money-Back Guarantee

This is another cool advantage that ResellerClub provides – and I say this with excitement because there aren’t a lot of exclusive reseller/webhosting companies that provide quick and hassle-free money-back offers.

In ResellerClub’s case you can claim a refund within 30 days of subscribing for any ResellerClub webhosting or reseller plan. You can also claim a refund if you don’t think the company isn't helping your bottom line. You can easily cancel accounts and your refund will promptly be transferred into your account within 30 days.

Reliability and Performance

ResellerClub is quite choosey when it comes to selecting datacenters – which is primarily due to the fact datacenter performance is key to realizing whether you will get optimized and efficient server performance or not. That is why ResellerClub has focused incorporating and integrating the best in software and hardware components in all their datacenters to provide their users with maximum power and reliability.

In all, ResellerClub has multiple datacenter location across borders with more than one datacenter location in a single region. They have datacenters in Turkey, the US, India as well as in China.

Another thing that really sold me to ResellerClub was the fact that it enables its webhosting users to choose any datacenter they want. However, entry-level users that have subscribed for their R0 package aren’t given this privilege.

Furthermore, all ResellerClub datacenters have their own substation, which means they have independent power lines and electrical feed. This is a testimony to their security and reliability. Moreover, ResellerClub has also integrated fire suppression measures and energy-efficient powerful water-based cooling system for added server utility.

The datacenter located in the US has a total of 17 state of the art fiber-optic providers and an innovative infrastructure installed, while other datacenters follow the same infrastructure, but have lesser fiber optic providers.

The dense technological and secure infrastructure incorporates the use of powerful tech and systems like the dual quad code Xeon processors, 24 GB worth of processing speeds, 250 GB worth of RAID1 operating system driver and 1 TB worth of storage capacity with more than one fiber cable links.

Moving ahead, ResellerClub has also secured its data servers through high level encryption systems. And has specifically focused on ensuring topnotch security on webhosting facilities, securing the website design and access control of its users.

On top of that, the company has incorporated the services of industry professionals as well as software and hardware engineers that keep a bird’s eye view on your website’s security.

And this is why the company easily manages to provide users with both speed and exceptional reliability. They never experienced a drop in their 99.99% uptime speeds. Plus, the company exceeds 200,000 in resellers to sell their webhosting plans.

Features and Control Panel

One more reason why ResellerClub stands out in comparison to a majority of other reseller and webhosting solutions providers is for the fact that it has incorporates the utilization of its control panel in all reseller shares hosting plans.

This is by far the most important and fundamental highlight of the company, which has tremendously worked in their favor in attracting users from all over the world.

To serve their specific domain needs, ResellerClub provides top level domains for the majority of existing possibilities.

ResellerClub provide its users with a powerful control panel, making it ridiculously convenient for users to manage every small and big aspects of their webhosting experience.

Furthermore, they have also provided users the opportunity to use Softaculous, which is an application installer integrated within the cPanel so that you can easily and efficiently install powerful web applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and more.

As for the features, there is no shortage of benefits and features provided by the company, which primarily include state of the art technology and datacenters around the world, scalable servers, hyperthread processing, PHP 5.3x, Perl, Apache 2.2x, MySQL 5, Zend Optimizer, Zend Engine, ionCube Loader, RAID Controller, Dual E5530 2.40GHz Xeon Servers, 250GB RAID1 OS Drive, 24GB RAM.

The cPanel incorporated for reseller services is also available in all webhosting plans. And because the cPanel provided by ResellerClub is WHM, you can exercise additional management and control over all elements and aspect of the webhosting business as a reseller.

And through the WHM, resellers can quite efficiently and effectively be able to develop hosting plans, which includes the distribution and allocation of RAM, storage, processing updates, email accounts, bandwidth, etc.

You will also be able to track and evaluate the status of your server and maintain your webhosting plan’s potential and limits.

The only two packages that do not include WHMCS are R0 and R1. All other packages have this powerful feature for client and billing management, customer and tech support, migration and integration.


You can create a ticket directly on their site, as well as use email to contact them. Additionally, the online data center, allows you to find questions answered by other customers, as well as the tech team, so you can find more answers on your own.

Live chat and phone support are also provided every day of the year, and you can reach them at any time of the day that you call in for support.

With various methods to reach the ResellerClub team, you will get a quick answer to your question and support.


All in all, ResellerClub provides users with an exceptional array of services on budget-friendly prices.

The company has a solid background and will be there for their clients in the long term.

Their technology is exceptionally strong and 100% optimized for the specific necessities of reseller hosting.

The price level is high and there even are ResellerClub Discount codes available to get the cost even lower.

Resellerclub is a 100% recommendation, especially for everyone that want to engage in reselling hosting packages.
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  • VPS & reseller hosting are options for customers who need hosting plans. Plans do come in at around $7, for 10 GB of storage space. Entry level packages, are easy to work with.
  • Features are a bit limited in comparison to other big hosting companies on the web.
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