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WestHost Company Overview

With a CMS in place, for the small business holder, with WestHost you can receive your hosting for $4 a month. There are also plans for larger businesses, so you can find a plan that is tailored to you. And, with these tiers, ,you are going to find a plan that ensures your site won't go down often, based on the plan price, and the additional features you are going to receive, with the package you choose for your hosting needs.

Price Value

If you are a small business owner, $4 is rather cheap; the fact that this comes with a CMS in place, means you can keep track of how happy or disappointed your customers are as well. Cloud hosting and dedicated hosting is also offered, for a higher price, but does provide you with the guarantee your site won't go down. For a low entry level price, and the ability to keep track of your customer satisfaction, WestHost offers a fairly good deal, to small business owners who need online hosting.

Reliability and Performance

99.9% uptime guarantee, and 100% customer satisfaction promises, bode well for those who want their site to run smoothly, and want excellent service. You can expect your site to run quite smoothly with this host, and you are not going to run in to issues with slower than average speeds; with many servers in place, your site should operate and load quickly, and you should not have too many problems with downtime, if you have customers who are outside of the US.

Features and Control Panel

You receive unlimited domains, varying levels of disk space and bandwidth based on the plan you choose, dedicated ssl, continuous support, a dedicated IP, email hosting, php, and other online security measures are in place. In terms of the control panel, you will work with c panel when you choose hosting with WestHost. Not only are the apps extremely easy to work with, but you can also modify your site quickly and easily, and you can keep track of site visitors, and other critical data, when you use this to host your online site.


24/7 support is provided over the phone; and, you can reach the online chat most times of the day, as someone is always on to help customers. You can use email support as well, but tickets do take on a priority system, so if it is not critical, you can wait up to a day for a response. You can use online FAQ pages, and support, to answer the questions you have if you are dealing with any issues on your site as well.


The price is right for most small business owners. You have various tiers to choose from as well, based on how much you want to spend. For a small business owner, who has limited resources, and wants pretty reliable hosting, you will get it from them. A trusted host, and WestHost provides pretty good customer service, so you can keep your site up and running at most times.
Michael Lederstatter
Michael loves helping people like you finding the best hosting provider for their individual needs.

Michael is founder of Buy-Hosting.net and the web agency www.website-werkstatt.de. He works as a web designer and server admin since 1998.

When he's not blogging, he's probably outdoors growing food in his garden or doing something awesome with his dearest and the kids.
Editor rating:
Price Value:  
  • CMS in place, so you can keep customers happy, and know what is taking place with your company.
  • They do not limit bandwidth to customers.
  • Decent customer support is provided.
  • Downtime is sometimes a problem during certain hours of the day.
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