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Server Speed and Network Performance

A2 Hosting offers the fastest Shared Hosting, we measured (less than 400ms load time). They guarantee 300% faster WordPress hosting, and provides a variety of hosting package options.

With green hosting, the company is also doing something that is good for the environment, not only for your check book, when you are deciding on a hosting package that is going to work best for you as a business owner or a site operator.

Server Speed Rating:

Uptime and Reliability

A2 Hosting give a 99.9% uptime guarantee. We measured 99.94% uptime, wich is ok, but can not compete with BlueHosts 99.99%.

With low prices, and reasonable package features, the company is a pretty good hosting option, for those who want affordable options
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Hosting Plans and Tech Features

# Hosting Type Plan Name Storage Bandwidth Price/mo Renewal
1 Shared Lite unlimited SSD unlimited $2.96 $7.99
2 Shared Swift unlimited SSD unlimited $3.70 $9.99
3 Shared Turbo unlimited SSD unlimited $7.03 $18.99
4 WordPress Unmanaged Lite unlimited SSD unlimited $2.96 $7.99
5 WordPress Unmanaged Swift unlimited SSD unlimited $3.70 $9.99
6 WordPress Unmanaged Turbo unlimited SSD unlimited $7.03 $18.99
7 WordPress Managed 1-Site 10 GB SSD unlimited $11.99 $24.46
8 WordPress Managed 3-Sites 25 GB SSD unlimited $18.99 $38.75
9 WordPress Managed Unlimited 40 GB SSD unlimited $36.98 $75.48
10 VPS Power+ 75 GB SSD 2 TB $25.00 $49.99
11 VPS Prestige+ 100 GB SSD 3 TB $35.00 $69.99
12 VPS Pinnacle+ 150 GB SSD 4 TB $50.00 $99.99
13 VPS Unmanaged Entry 20 GB SSD 2 TB $5.00 $5.00
14 VPS Unmanaged Mid 30 GB SSD 2 TB $10.00 $10.00
15 VPS Unmanaged Elite 50 GB SSD 2 TB $15.00 $15.00
16 Dedicated Unmanaged Sprint 2 x 500 GB 10 TB $99.59 $119.99
17 Dedicated Unmanaged Exceed 2 x 500 GB 15 TB $165.99 $199.99
18 Dedicated Unmanaged Mach 2 x 1000 GB 20 TB $248.99 $299.99
19 Dedicated Managed Sprint+SSD 2 x 128 GB SSD 10 TB $129.30 $192.99
20 Dedicated Managed Exceed+SSD 2 x 128 GB SSD 15 TB $203.00 $302.99
21 Dedicated Managed Mach+SSD 2 x 128 GB SSD 20 TB $249.90 $372.99
22 Cloud VPS Entry 20 GB SSD 2 TB $5.00 $5.00
23 Cloud VPS Mid 30 GB SSD 2 TB $10.00 $10.00
24 Cloud VPS Elite 50 GB SSD 2 TB $15.00 $15.00
25 Reseller Bronze 30 GB SSD 400 GB $9.80 $19.99
26 Reseller Silver 75 GB SSD 600 GB $13.72 $27.99
27 Reseller Gold 150 GB SSD 1 TB $18.13 $36.99
28 Reseller Platinum 200 GB SSD 2 TB $30.38 $61.99
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Control Panel and Software

The features include: unlimited bandwidth and disk space, unlimited domains and emails. ssl, my sql, various developer features for business owners to use as well. With e commerce features, you can also quickly and easily set up your business site, to sell products to consumers. The simple to use control panel, is the c panel format. This allows you to use the many apps on the main screen of your dashboard, in order to modify or edit your site; plus, you can view site analytical information, and you can find out what type of content visitors are viewing when they visit your site.

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Support Performance

With 24/7 phone, and online chat support, you can reach someone, at any time of the day to help you with an issue. If you prefer email support, they generally respond to customer tickets within a couple of hours of receiving them. If you want online help, there are also tutorials which you can follow, and various online question and answer banks that you can find, directly on their site, which have the answers to many of the common questions which other site operators have had, when they chose this host for their online site.

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Pricing, Value and Renewal Fees

With hosting from as low as $4.97 a month, an average page upload time of .3 seconds, is exceptionally fast for any business. Unlimited emails and file transfers, domains, and more, make this a reasonably priced contender, among the many online hosting options which are available to business owners today. They are not the lowest priced, but with simple to use features, and great hosting, the price is not overpriced, for pretty quick hosting for your site.

Price Value Rating:

Conclusion: Do we recommend A2 Hosting?

Total Rating:
Total Grade:
Prices from:
$2.96 (Renews $7.99)
Server Speed:
Plans & Features:
Price & Renewal:

The prices are not the lowest, but at the same time they are not the highest priced host on the market; with a reasonable starting price point, and with current deals on their hosting packages, you can save with an annual plan. With various simple to use features, and more than one option with web or reseller hosting, you can find the ideal package for you, and for your business, with the simple to use c panel design on A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting Pros
  • Fastest of all shared Hosts
  • 300% faster WordPress Hosting
  • Simple formats for developing your site
  • Easy to use features.
A2 Hosting Cons
  • Uptime still good, but not matching all other excellent quality aspects of A2 Hosting.
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