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About Hostinger

Hostinger was created in Lithuania about fifteen years ago. It is an international brand and has a very strong presence in several markets. This is one of those companies that do not bow to the likes of GoDaddy or EIG. Rather, Hostinger strives to build an empire of its own, and its empire feels surprisingly good.

Hostinger is an international web hosting company. The company specializes in low-cost plans packed with amazing features that you will like. What the company offers is simple: top-notch web hosting at very affordable rates. With its rampant expansion and growth, Hostinger managed to achieve a big milestone of securing one million users, only six years from the day that the company started.

Hostinger has quickly expanded into a global hosting brand. The company has operations in North and South America, South East Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Hostinger has 3 primary attractions for the blogging as well as online entrepreneur communities:
  • Affordable pricing
  • Few restrictions
  • WordPress-ready hosting

Hostinger Data Center and Servers

Hostinger's vision is to maximize its presence throughout the globe. Hence, the hosting service has servers in more than 7 locations, including the US, Europe (UK), and Asia. This helps the company serve its large base of 29 million customers from all over the globe, keeping them satisfied.

The great thing is that each server is connected to a 1000 Mbps strong connection line. This not only guarantees enhanced performance but also excellent stability. The company's data centers are located in several countries. These include Brazil, the US, the UK, Netherlands, Singapore, and Indonesia. And a Lithuanian datacenter is forthcoming, which is excellent.

Keep in mind that location matters a lot. Therefore, having data centers close to your visitors usually means better speed and performance. Wondering why? Having multiple data centers is very helpful as it keeps your site loading fast.

This is mainly because it helps lower latency for your users when they access your site's data that is closer to their physical location. All data centers have uplinks with multiple ISPs (Internet service providers).

Hostinger uses the latest technologies in order to protect its customers from malicious attacks, such as DDoS attacks. They also provide smart firewalls on switch levels, a CDN from Cloudflare for all accounts, and a Bitninja web app firewall on each server.


When it comes to web hosting services, the first important thing that most people consider is uptime. Hostinger will impress you with its servers. You will not find any major issues with their server performance.

When you use Hostinger as your provider, you can rest easy knowing that you will enjoy a stable uptime for your site. Over the past 2 years, Hostinger has successfully maintained an uptime record of more than 99%. And this is a very reliable indicator that you can always trust them for your hosting needs.

Hostinger Security

Hostinger's focus is still on offering fast and affordable web hosting for its customers. To help protect your site and to increase visitors' confidence by establishing that you really are who you claim you are, the platform offers free SSL certificates to people who buy the Business hosting plan.

Except for the Single Shared Hosting, all hosting plans come with automated backups, which is great. These backups can be either weekly or daily, depending on the plan you use. While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering security, the redundancy of backups is a great safety valve to fall back on. This is especially true if something goes wrong.

Hostinger Benefits and Advantages

Free Website Builder

You would like to use a website builder if you are looking to develop a website without any coding experience. A website builder is a convenient and simple drop-and-drag platform. The platform allows you to easily create your site within just a few hours, which is impressive.

You will like all Hostinger plans as they come with a free website builder. So, if you are looking to build a new website from scratch, you may take full advantage of the platform's simple to use drag and drop website builder. The website builder is great as it gives you access to hundreds of amazing pre-built website themes.

And while there are many ready-made templates that you may use, these are still customizable, and you can fit them to your needs.

You can choose any theme that you like and then start customizing that theme in order to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Fast Customer Support

We all know that if a hosting service does not have a reliable and knowledgeable support team, you may face problems resolving any hosting issues and problems that you may experience. The great thing about Hostinger is that their customer support is of top class and they are very responsive.

You will also benefit from their multilingual interaction options, which is very convenient. It means that you may use them if you are an international user and would like to speak in your native language.

In case your site is down for any reason, all you have to do is call and clarify your issues with their customer support. Here is another fantastic thing. Customer support is available at any time without any delay. You will like the fact that Hostinger's live chat is fast and easy.

You will be able to easily connect to their support staff within a couple of minutes. Their customer support reps are always happy to help, knowledgeable about their hosting services, and easy to deal with.

User-friendly Interface

You will like the Hostinger administrative dashboard, as it is very easy to use. The interface is very straightforward, even for people who don't have much experience with website hosting or website management.

The large control panel makes it simple to understand everything, and you can easily monitor emails, update information regarding billings, manage domains, and also track your logins. The platform also makes it quick for you to upgrade your plan, change your usage, and manage your email settings. You can quickly and easily set up your hosting and then manage your site from the control panel.

Another great thing is that there are no pesky advertisement pop-ups on this website host. These pop-ups can create obstacles and challenges for users who are trying to book any products or avail any service.

Money-back Guarantee

Hostinger also provides you with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This will come in handy if you aren't satisfied with the performance, and the experience is not up to your expectations. Keep in mind that thirty days is the industry standard for website hosting promises.

A majority of hosting providers will provide you with this period, at a bare minimum, to change your mind and have your money back. Here is how you can take full advantage of Hostinger's 30-day refund policy.

During the thirty day period, you can set up a small website. And you should test the platform's hosting services before you decide if they are really the best hosting service for your website and business needs.

Scalable Hosting Plans

The ability to scale your web hosting plans is one of the essential things that you should look for in all hosting providers. This will make sure that your site does not get limited by a web hosting plan, which is too small for it.

Keep in mind that if your website hosting service does not allow you to downsize or upgrade your hosting plans, then you will likely have to purchase a hosting plan that's too big for your existing hosting needs. And this can cost you money.

The great thing about Hostinger is that when you work with them, you will be able to scale up or scale down your hosting plans. This will help make sure that you are meeting the needs of your current site. And this also means that you will not have to pay extra to host data that you will not be using.

So, you can easily find a hosting plan with this platform that fits all your needs and upgrade as your business grows.

Conclusion: Is Hostinger Worth it?

With Hostinger, you may come for an affordable price, but you will stay for their quality and reliable hosting experience. We will highly recommend Hostinger for its performance, speed, and features.

Also, there are some other amazing tweaks that provide an excellent value for the price charged. Hostinger is, hence, an excellent choice for people who are looking for a one-stop and affordable hosting solution. We think that Hostinger is especially ideal for you if you are a newbie on a tight budget.

The great thing is that the company's customer service is always improving. Although they are not the most affordable hosting company around, their plans represent good value for consumers. You should definitely try it.
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