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GoDaddy Hosting Coupon July 2024

If you choose Economy Hosting at GoDaddy, use this coupon for $1 /mo + free domain. Attention: this will only work for 12 months term. Clicking the deal will adjust all setting for you.

50% OFF Hosting Deal. Instead of the above - wich works only for 12 months+economy hosting - this one works for all terms and all hosting levels, including Deluxe and Ultimate.

WordPress Promo Code works for the "Basic" package + 12 months only. You can save up to 90% OFF the first year. Works only, if you choose 12 months in your cart.

How to save as much as possible

+ More months = more savings
The longer you lock in on your Hosting Deal, the more cash you save. After all, your coupon codes will only substract cash for the first time payment. Renewals need to pay the regular price.

That means, if you use your coupon for 3 years now, it will save you e.g. 30% of all 3 years. If you lock in for only one year, you save 30% OFF the first year, but will pay the full price the 2nd and 3rd year. So it will save you most money to lock in on as many years as possible, when using your coupon.

GoDaddy Shared Hosting Plans

Economy Deluxe Ultimate
$3,49 /month $4,49 /month $7,49 /month
1 Website Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
100 GB Storage Unlimited Storage Unlimited Storage
- - Premium DNS
Management Tool
- - 1 year SSL
GoDaddy Hosting Promo Code

All Shared Hosting Plans Include

  • Free Domain with annual plan Restrictions apply
  • Free Email Addresses
  • One-click install of 200+ Free Applications
  • 1GB storage MySQL Linux and 200 MB storage Windows SQL Databases
  • Flexible, easy-to-use control panel
  • 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection
  • Award-winning 24/7 technical support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Money-back guarantee

About GoDaddy's Shared Hosting

GoDaddy is a renowned web hosting platform that has millions of customers worldwide. As a matter of fact, there are millions and millions of websites which refer to GoDaddy as their fortress of solitude.

And if you haven't heard of GoDaddy, then you're probably not from around here. GoDaddy has been in business for more than a decade now, but chances are you have heard of them. Often when you talk about GoDaddy with someone, they are usually surprised to hear they also provide shared hosting services.

Although, there are a lot of negative things being said about GoDaddy these days by different webmasters, many also report they have seen the service improve. But one thing's certain: there are plenty of other shared hosting web platforms which provide faster and more efficient services than GoDaddy, InMotion for example.

However, most webmasters choose to go with GoDaddy for a first time experience. Most are happy but some get disappointed.

GoDaddy Shared Hosting: Features

GoDaddy, like a plethora of other webhosting companies, provides its customers loads of different features and a set of affordable packages you can conveniently choose from. It goes without saying they also offer domain names, but they now also provide customers shared web hosting, VPS and dedicated webhosting. Here are GoDaddy's packages you can choose from:
  • Economy
  • Deluxe
  • Premium
GoDaddy Hosting Coupon Servers When you talk about a list of features GoDaddy provides, it is important to remember these exact same features are also provided by a number of web hosting companies. So, you can surf the web to check out different reviews for all of them, compare packages and prices so you can be able to choose wisely. Anyways, here are some of GoDaddy's features:
  • Linux hosting & Windows hosting
  • Google AdWords and credits
  • $50 worth of Facebook marketing credits
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Limitless MySQL databases
  • Integration of multiple platforms, namely, PHP, etc
  • Dedicated IP for just $3.95 every month
  • Dedicated and free website builder named Tonight
  • 99% of server uptime
  • Cost-effective hosting plans and packages
  • 24/7 custom support
  • SEO and submission services

Site Support

Again, like most web hosting companies GoDaddy too has a sales and support system, plus they also offer customer a free domain if and when you subscribe from them. There isn't anything different GoDaddy provided in terms of site support.

However, they will also provide you with the ability to host more than two different types of operating systems namely CentOS, Fedora and Ubuntu. But, you can choose to utilize your own Windows if you want to. There's really no hard and fast rule here.

You can also choose to utilize Plesk to configure your own servers and now you can even use GoDaddy's own cPanel.

Although GoDaddy has been around for more than a decade now, there is no major change in their services or efficiency which has led to people having second thoughts about the web hosting plan.

A majority of people think that GoDaddy specifically provides domain registration services. It is later that they realize that GoDaddy is the globe’s largest web hosting enterprise. Operating for more than 20 years, GoDaddy has successfully been able to cater over 13 million customers worldwide. GoDaddy Support Worker From being a domain registrar to providing a comprehensive array of vital web hosting as well as web building develop solutions, GoDaddy has certainly come a long way. There are not even a handful of big enterprises that can rival GoDaddy in terms of publicity, fame, customer base and total number of services.

While you may not wonder at all, but a majority of website that you view or shop from tend to be hosted by GoDaddy.

On top of that there are several perks in having your domain name as well your website’s hosting managed by the same company. For example, with GoDaddy, if you subscribe for domain and website hosting you won’t have to worry about transferring or figuring out nameservers.

Secondly, it has be proven several times over that GoDaddy is one of those few web hosting giants that actually provide users with a 99.9% uptime every single day of the month. Their consistency and tenacity to provide you with efficient and effective services is admirable, which is why they are yet to be rivaled by any other enterprise.

GoDaddy: 7 Things you ought to know about the World’s Biggest Domain and Hosting Company

Here are some really interesting things you probably did not know about GoDaddy. Here goes:

It is the globe’s biggest domain registrar, duh – well, yeah you know that. But do you know exactly how big GoDaddy is? Well, in a nut shell, there are more than 57 million domain names that GoDaddy has registered.

Next up, GoDaddy is also seriously considering planning and initiating an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on Wall Street. This means that global as well as domestic users can now be able to buy shares in the company, becoming part owners. We’ll update you with when and how they plan to do it after the dates are confirmed.

GoDaddy was also set to launch a new advertisement featuring Danica Patrick who was to be shown as playing different pranks on Tony Stewart. However, due to the recent tragic events, the advertisements that were in the pipeline have been put on hold indefinitely.

GoDaddy is also being sued by the officials of the studio that produced The Expendables 3. Why? Well, it is said that when the movie was leaked over the web, the studio allegedly claims that GoDaddy was behind the scenes aiding copyright infringers to make the film available everywhere online.

It is also speculated that because the move was leaked, it had a toll on the box office of the movie, which did not make a lot of money. Hosting Renewal Coupon was a website that was shut down, and the owner of the website frustrated by it, made another website and named it It was a website specifically designed for people to criticize GoDaddy. So, what happened to the website? Well, GoDaddy bought and destroyed it.

You will never be able to register a .CN domain name with GoDaddy. This is the domain name extension for Chinese websites. Why? Well, GoDaddy simply stopped providing them largely due to the vast amount of information needed by users who wanted to apply for it.

This isn’t GoDaddy’s first shot at launching an IPO. The owner of the company prepared to launch one back in 2006, but for some reason did not go ahead with the application.

Cool Ways you can Keep Track on what is Going on at GoDaddy

Although GoDaddy has their very own channel where you can view videos and the latest in what is going on in the company. You can also follow the company via Twitter and Facebook. They post a bunch of informative articles and blogs – teaching the online community how to successfully run an eCommerce website.

How to Redeem GoDaddy’s Hosting Coupon

When you visit GoDaddy’s website, sure, it can be confusing, especially when you want to punch your hosting coupon code. However, it really isn’t that difficult. All you have to do first is select the type of hosting you want: GoDaddy Hosting Plans After you select your package, there should be a little box on the bottom left corner of the page titled ‘Enter Promo Code’. Here is what you will see: GoDaddy Promo Code Dialoge Explaination After you enter the code, you will then be shown the amount you have saved and the new amount that you need to pay.

A Short History

There is no question about the fact that GoDaddy has become the world biggest when it comes to efficient and high end domain registration and hosting. The company was established by the talented Bob Parson back in 1997.

However, when it was founded, the company went by the name of Jomax Technologies. This name was chosen by Bob due to the dirt road he lived near, which was called Jomax. As a bit of time went by, Parson began to realize that the name of his company could use some kick, he wanted to make people smile as they took the name of his company.

And after brainstorming, gather ideas and whatnot, Bob was able to come with the name Go Daddy just because of the fact that you can’t say GoDaddy without smiling. The name stuck and the company became even more popular.

Becoming the world’s largest and famous domain registrar, however, did steer the company into a truck load of controversies. They have been at the center of it all. GoDaddy went on to shut down a company called, because of suspicious web activities.

Plus, GoDaddy was also a part of the movement to eliminate online piracy back in the day. The movement was known as Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). And after GoDaddy’s customers discovered that the company was involved in this act, there were serious protests, massive condemnations from all over the World Wide Web.

Wikipedia fell in the group of being one of GoDaddy biggest clients, and it too announced that it will be parting ways with the company. After suffering public and financial blows, GoDaddy made the decision to back off from supporting the movement. And for good measure, the SOPA was swiftly defeated and rejected in Congress.

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