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Best Reseller Hosting 2024
Top 10 Ranking: Reseller Hosting can be a very lucrative business with litte work to do. But only if you have the right Reseller Host. Here are today's top choices.
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by Michael Lederstatter · 24th Apr 2020
ASP Hosting Coupons
Find Promo Codes for ASP Hosting Providers and Save Serious Cash on Windows Hosting. With backgrounds on ASP hosting.
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by Michael Lederstatter · 14th Apr 2020
Cheap Storage VPS
You want to store many files on your own VPS for the lowest cost possible? Then this article on the top cheap VPS hosting options is for you.
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by Michael Lederstatter · 4th Apr 2020
How We Rate Web Hosts
Long-term speed and uptime testing. Calling support with real problems. Hosting plan research, price and renewal price comparisons. That's the backbone of our review process.
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by Michael Lederstatter · 28th Jan 2020
ASP Hosting explained
ASP hosting is a kind of web hosting, that allows web pages written in the script language ASP (Active Server Pages) to be executed. Mostly ASP hosting is performed on Windows servers.
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by Michael Lederstatter · 16th Jan 2020
Dedicated Hosting Benefits
Is the gain in control and performance, that dedicated hosting offers, worth the higher costs and responsability?
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by Michael Lederstatter · 4th Jan 2020
5 Reasons Why Free Website Builders Offered by Web Hosts are Over Hyped
They can be handy. Is a free website builder the best choice for you?
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by Michael Lederstatter · 20th Dec 2019
Why cPanel is the Best Hosting Control Panel
Short answer: It rocks!
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by Michael Lederstatter · 8th Nov 2019
7 Critical Qualities of a Web Host
Finding the perfect web host is becoming increasingly difficult. This is ironic given the sheer multitudes of web hosting services being aggressively advertised online. However, the large number of web hosts is part of the problem. How can one find the perfect host among the thousands, many of whom advertise similar sounding services? Well, the secret lies in knowing the qualities which make a great web host. If you intend to find a reliable, affordable and dependable web hosting service, these are the 7 best qualities to look for in your next web host.
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by Michael Lederstatter · 13th Oct 2019
SSD Web Hosting: Do SSD Drives Really Improve Speeds?
One of the latest trends sweeping through the web hosting industry is SSD (Solid State Drives) Web Hosting. Unlike traditional web hosting which stores web files on HDD (hard disk drives), HHD web hosting stores the files on SSD Drives. As well as security and reliability, the growing popularity of SSD web hosting comes from claims that it is super fast. The ultimate question is: do SSD drives really improve speeds?
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by Michael Lederstatter · 2nd Oct 2019
Cheap Hosting Facts
Cheap Hosting should nevertheless be good hosting with a high price value. Of course, it is tempting to save money and buy something cheap. However, it's bad to pay 10% less for something that has 80% less value.
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by Michael Lederstatter · 20th Sep 2019
PHP Hosting Explained
PHP hosting is web hosting on a server that is able to interpret and execute PHP scripting language. The follwing article will explain the basics of PHP hosting including other components, mostly deployed with PHP Hosting.
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by Michael Lederstatter · 4th Sep 2019
About mySQL Hosting
mySQL hosting is a type of hosting where mySQL database services are supported on the provider's web server. mySQL is a powerful, heavy-duty, relational database management system. This article explains mySQL Hosting in-depth.
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by Michael Lederstatter · 1st Sep 2019
Linux Hosting: An Introduction
Linux Hosting is the most common way of web hosting, since Linux is the most popular operating system for servers in today's hosting industry. Linux is a free open source software, that is developed by different groups world wide.
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by Michael Lederstatter · 17th Aug 2019
Business Hosting Features
Business Hosting demands special features by a web hosting provider. For businesses it is important to stay competitive, have high security, reliability and uptime. Business hosting clients have specific requirements.
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by Michael Lederstatter · 8th Aug 2019
An Introduction to Blog Hosting
Blog hosting became common with the skyrocketing success of blogging. Just 5 years ago, the word "Blogging" was not even well known. Nowadays, blogs are abundant in nearly every business and the most fields of interest and knowledge.
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by Michael Lederstatter · 11th Jul 2019
Joomla Hosting explained
Joomla is one of the most common content management systems (CMS) on today's internet landscape. A content management system allows you to manage contents of text, videos, articles, pictures and much more.
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by Michael Lederstatter · 30th Jun 2019
Das inoffizielle Cookie FAQ
Häufige Fragen und Antworten zum Thema Cookies. Die offizielle Übersetzung des bekannten Cookie Central Artikels auf deutsch.
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by Michael Lederstatter · 18th Mar 2019
Erstellung einer barrierenfreien POUR-Webseite
Offizielle Übersetzung des Artikels über barrierefreies Webdesign aus dem englischen von webaim.org/articles/pour/
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by Michael Lederstatter · 7th Mar 2019