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How to get your Liquid Web Discount

Click the coupon of your choice on this web site. As the next window opens, copy the coupon code to your clipboard.

At the final step at the Liquid Web checkout page, click the right top link "have a coupon?" (see image).
Liquid Web's checkout page 1
Click the "have a coupon?" link on Liquid Web's check out page
A box appears instead of the link. Paste the code into the box and click the "Apply" button.
Liquid Web's checkout page 2
Paste code into the box and click "Apply"
Your code gets applied and you see the discounted price and how much you save. Note: some codes apply a discount for several months. You can see that in the box that appears on the left hand side (see image).
Liquid Web's checkout page 3
See discount at the right. The left box that appears shows the number of months that the price will be reduced.

About Liquid Web

Liquid Web Inc. was founded in 1997, fully owns 5 datacenters and employs more than 500 specialists. The enterprise is held by private owners.

This makes them much more secure than huge players. Big stock market brands are potentially subject to up or down swings and even speculation.

LiquidWeb is one of the fastest growing enterprises. They even received the INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies Award for 6 years in a row.

Liquid Web's data center and technology

The three datacenters, that Liquidweb owns, are all physically located in the state of Michigan, USA. Server operations are secured against every imaginable event.

They are staffed 24/7, equipped with state-of-the-art power generators and UPS devices.

Physical security is top-notch and there is a high-tech fire suppression system in place.

The backbone connection to the worldwide internet is granted by several tier-1 service providers. This makes response times quick and latency is minimized.

Liquid Web's support staff

More than 300+ support specialists are in place to grant uninterrupted, reliable and fast server operations. Support is available 24/7 through phone, email and a ticket system.

LiquidWeb offers heroic support. As with all their concept they go for the highest quality of service that is possible in the industry.

All support staff has professional grade educations in their field of expertise. These involve networking, server setup, technical customer support or network security to name a few.

Liquid Web's Advantages

There is no question about the fact that Liquid Web is a bit on the expensive side, although not too much.

However, their web hosting services have a lot to say about their professionalism and efficiency. And on top of that Liquid Web’s hosting plans also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is common in this industry.

Although GoDaddy is perhaps the only webhosting provides an ‘anytime money back guarantee’.

Liquid Web’s Shared Hosting Solutions

There are a total of 4 web hosting packages provided by Liquid Web. Their Standard packages comes at $14.95/month, which includes a totally 5 GB worth of disk space, 240 GBs worth data transfers and a total of two free domain names.

Their second packages is called Webmaster, which is priced at $19.95/ month, and consists of 20 GBs worth of storage space, 400 GBs worth of data transfers, and a total of 3 free domain names.

The name of their third package is Professional, which is priced at $24.95/ month, and consists of 40 GBs worth of storage, 640 GBs worth of data transfers and a total of 5 free domain names.

Plus, the Professional package also comes with a free dedicated IP address as well as a free Secure Socket Layer Certificate for your website.

Their fourth and final packages is named Semi-Dedicated, which starts at $40 per month, provides users with a 1 GB worth of RAM and a single CPU core. You can amp the burst rate of the CPU from 2 GB of RAM and two CPU cores.

Although Liquid Web’s shared hosting packages and solutions are not the company’s strong suite, they do still provide users with an impressive array of shared hosting options.

High Performance

Liquid Web servers try very hard to stay consistent with providing users with a more than decent uptime speeds. However, because they have a couple of data centers spread across the US, they can provide users with incredible page load times.

Liquid Web Manages Every Aspect of your Website so you don’t have to

Another great aspect of Liquid Web is the very fact that not only does the company host your current or new website – but they will also take care of every aspect of running your website, which include all the logistical processes behind it.

Liquid Web is Privately Owned – and has Incorporated a Foolproof and Fault Avoidance Network

Another great thing about Liquid Web is the very fact that they have integrated a topnotch redundantly designed and developed multi-tiered networking system that consists of 4 major data centers, which they have placed outside of the US – and you will be soon seeing another one being placed in the Netherlands.

Plus, they are always keen on incorporating the latest innovations and technologies available, but what is more impressive and exclusive about the company is the very fact that they have their very own set of unique and efficient hardware.

They tend to own their equipment rather than least it, which saves a lot of time, money and provide users with increased and streamlined efficiency. This in turn allows them to offer a diverse array of options to their domestic as well as global users.

Benefits of Liquid Web Hosting

In light of this, mentioned below is a detailed account of the benefits provided by Liquid Web’s shared hosting programs and why you should use them:

Protected and Shared by the Sonar Monitoring Team

One of the best advantages of using Liquid Web’s shared hosting platforms is the fact that all their servers are excessively protected and guarded by the famous Sonar Monitoring Team.

This company is highly trained and integrates a topnotch set of security measures and protocols guaranteed to guard your website and the hosting providers.

The Sonar Team closely monitor different server statuses and issues before they even reach, so you won’t have to be bothered by anything.

You won’t even know they are monitoring and operating constantly to keep your website save. Liquid Web’s Professional Guide Team – The Heroic Support In case of an emergency shutdown of the servers and you are left with a conundrum of what is going on, with Liquid Web, you will never have to worry about your questions and queries going unanswered.

Why? Well that is primarily because of the fact that the company use the support aid of the popular Heroic Support – they are a company of highly trained technicians and specialists who have the technology, the tools and the diligence to provide you with a step by step solution of the problem you are facing.

The team members of the Heroic Support were taught by the best of the best in the industry and a majority of them have become Red Hat certified. They always uphold their promise of being transparent and will always be there for you in your time of technical support and need.

This is something quite admirable in part of Liquid Web because they have shown that they are dedicated to taking any measure they can to help you in case of any possible complication.

This also includes support, which is outside of the bounds of Liquid Web’s traditional areas of expertise and specializations.

Liquid Web has a Set of Fully Managed Shared Hosting Plans

As mentioned earlier, Liquid Web provides its users with a total of four hosting plans.

However, they also provide their users with varied levels of shared hosting management – from fully managed to self-managed.

For a fully-managed solution, there is no question that you will have to pay a premium every month, but the services rendered are nothing less than perfection, guaranteeing you a peace of mind.

In light of this mentioned below is what you can expect from Liquid Web’s managed programs:

Run your Business with Absolute Ease – Liquid Web will take care of everything else

The best part about Liquid Web is the fact that they have complete control over the infrastructure of management.

And what this essentially means is you really don’t to waste your precious time managing different aspects of your shared hosting and other elements of your website. You can use this opportunity to focus on what matter the most for the increment of your business – and that is your marketing and customers.

Plus, Liquid Web also enables their users to incorporate efficient and high end blogging software and a plethora of eCommerce add-on and tools through their famous cPanel.

And through their cPanel, you can enjoy unlimited email accounts, secure and protected SSH without any complications and quick page load times, which is quite impressive.

Liquid Web is Strongly Recommended by their Base of Customers

Liquid Web’s technical support is not easy to beat. Plus, the company provides their customers with consistent, constant and impressive security for your website.

And because of their incorporation of Heroic Support, the users have posted more than favorable feedback, recommending Liquid Web’s shared hosting for corporate as well as private webmasters.

Liquid Web has a Powerful VPS Hosting Services Integrated with Storm Cloud

Although the company’s shared hosting solutions are good, what they undoubtedly excel at is providing VPS hosting. In light of this, here are some of the features of Liquid Web’s VPS services:

Impressive SSDs Integrated with RAID Protection Liquid Web’s SSD power is consistent with all VPS packages provided by the company. What this means is minimized latency and advanced security and protection with RAID technologies.

Plus, Liquid Web’s VPS solutions are also incorporated with in-house Strom Cloud firewall for added security.

Easy to Scale – Day to Day Billing

Another really cool aspect of using Liquid Web’s VPS hosting is the very fact their packages are quite simple to scale up or down.

Plus, you can easily switch to another hosting plan without having to worry about configuring your previous package.

Plus, Liquid Web also grants API access as well as enhanced real-time sever monitoring, there is no question that you should confidently use Liquid Web’s VPS hosting solutions.

Dedicated Servers – Integrated with Focused Performance Based Technologies

The dedicated servers provided by Liquid Web provide more speed, optimal performance and flexibility that any other normal dedicated server and resources.

And because their servers come equipped with the resources of Storm Cloud, you can very well imagine how fast and efficient their servers perform. A Plethora of Add-ons for your Website – Providing for an Optimal Dedicated System

There more than 50 highly trained and experienced developers that are in charge of the maintenance of the company’s resources and platforms.

Plus, their VPS also includes a lot of optional add-ons that you can utilize for added speed, security as well as storage.

User opting for their dedicated servers can also choose to incorporate Liquid Web’s firewalls, a CDN, the company’s very own Guardian Backup feature and load balancers.

The Bottom Line

All in all, if you are serious about your website hosting, then it is strongly recommended that you consider using Liquid Web’s exclusive shared hosting and VPS hosting.

The Reliability and Performance of Liquid Web

When you talk about the reliability of LiquidWeb, it has received some great feedback by their customers. On top of that to ensure optimal performance - they have employed the services of some of the best technical engineers and other personnel.

Plus, when you talk about customer support - LiquidWeb provides the best technical support because once you call them for assistance they directly connect you to a technical expert who, without wasting any time will quickly get to the bottom of the problem and provide adequate solutions for them.

LiquidWeb's servers are secured by the latest in online and web viruses, which protects their operation from hacking and malware. Furthermore, users don't have to worry about any downtime at all, their servers are also backed with alternative electricity as well as an automatic backup generator. So, you can rest assured of having a strong and robust performance.

Liquid Web Services and Pricing

LiquidWeb has designed its webhosting services for all sort of users - from small business companies, to designers and developers as well normal users. In light of this, mentioned below are the names of all three services as well as the features and benefits they provided along with the pricing schemes:

  • Dedicated Servers
    Fully manageable dedicated servers. Your dedicated servers will be well managed and hosted by LiquidWeb's powerful platform protected by Heroic Support engineers and high class technicians. At $179 per month you can enjoy fully managed servers, 1 primary SSD RAID drive with a minimum 8 GB worth of RAM.
  • VPS Hosting
    LiquidWeb's managed hosting provide clients with total satisfaction of usage as well streamlined control. Starting at just $1.64 per day, you can enjoy exceptionally fast SSD, hosting options that can provide you from 1 GB worth RAM to a maximum of 256 GB. Plus you will also be provided with a full management service.
  • Cloud Dedicated
    Customizable cloud software and services, LiquidWeb can provide users with options that amalgamate both control its Storm Platform and its traditional server for maximum efficiency. Starting from just $3.62 a day you can benefit from the following elements such as instant provisioning, convenient upgrading or downgrading and API access.
    Their fast servers come equipped with a plethora of features, for example, you will be able to easily downgrade and upgrade, have the option to efficiently create and deploy different server images. On top of that the webhosting professional also provides paying users with API - which allows you to access problematic to server, SSD for impeccable performance.

Features of LiquidWeb - Control Panel

Mentioned below are some of the qualities and features of LiquidWeb's packages and services:
  • One-Click installs, free migrations , SSL certificates, VPN and Firewalls
  • cPanel Control Panel/ WHM
  • Fantastico & Softaculous
  • HIPAA Compliant Solutions
  • 30 Minute Help Desk Guarantee
  • 59 Second Live chat Guarantee
  • 59 Second Phone Call Guarantee
  • 30 Minute Hardware Replacement Guarantee
All in all, LiquidWeb is gradually turning out churn out a lot of efficiency, worthy of notice, rivaling some of the best frontrunner in webhosting services.

The Bottom Line

All in all, if you are serious about your website hosting, then it is strongly recommended that you consider using Liquid Web’s exclusive shared hosting and VPS hosting.
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