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GoDaddy Review - The Big Daddy of Domain Providers!

GoDaddy, a privately owned domain registrar company that offers a lot more than just that, was founded in 1997 and quickly made its way to the top by beating all its competitors. Without a doubt, it is the largest domain provider. It helps customers choose and decide the best domain name and offers remarkable plans that are affordable for all. The popular company is on the top of the list because not only does it provide customers domain names for their websites, but also outstanding web hosting and sells various software and services for e-business owners, and that's not all.

GoDaddy is currently managing over 58 million domains and takes pride in boasting about its award-winning 24/7 support team. With around 13 million paying customers from almost all parts of the world, it's no surprise that it has also been awarded the title of the World's Number 1 Domain Name Registrar. Apart from that, GoDaddy also gained much public attention about their advertising gimmicks that bordered on racy, yet were innately fun. Nonetheless, they helped build GoDaddy's profile as not just your average boring web hosting services provider.

Renowned for its various services and products, GoDaddy has a global outreach and has a diverse customer base as well. However, in their aim to make their services accessible to all, GoDaddy also offers amazing discounts and uses coupons as well.

These coupons are of great use and help customers to afford excellent quality services at a lower price. There are different coupons for various products and services that are launched all year round so you should definitely keep an eye out for them and keep checking them every month. The coupons for the month of September 2014 include:

  • General Discount Coupons - The general discount coupons offer customers a 30% discount on of all new products that are offered at GoDaddy. These coupons do not apply to certain domain names.
  • VPS Hosting Coupons - For fans of VPS, GoDaddy brings VPS Hosting coupons that offer customers a 30% and 28% discount. This coupon applies to all the packages available for VPS Hosting.
  • Hosting Coupons - Hosting coupons are beneficial for most GoDaddy customers since it is one of the most popular services they offer. Currently there are four different coupons available for Hosting; one coupon for 50% Off Hosting Plans, two coupons for $1 per month for a year of Economy Web Hosting and the last coupon for $1 managed WordPress Hosting.
  • Domain Coupons - There are many coupons available for discounts on domains. These are the most popular choice for customers and are the most availed coupons as well. There are coupons that offer discounts as great as $0.99 for a .COM domain name for one whole year!

Other popular coupons include Renewal Coupons, Reseller Hosting Coupons, SSL Coupons, Site Builder Package Coupons, Transfer Coupons and Special Services Coupons.

With the help of these wonderful coupons, you will be able to gain access to GoDaddy's wonderful services that can be everything you ever needed. If you are curious about what exactly those services are, here's an in-depth look at some GoDaddy's amazing services.

1. GoDaddy Domains

More than 13 million webmasters choose to open their domain names with GoDaddy rather than any other provider because GoDaddy has proven for many customers how they are better than any other domain registrar on the market. The wide variety of domain names provided to customers and the excellent servers that GoDaddy has are the main reasons why it is one of the most trustworthy and reliable domain registrars.

The company has been awarded for having the best support and technical teams that provide customers a smooth experience and are available and ready to help at any hour of the day, all year round. GoDaddy offers three plans for domains:

  • Private Registration - For those customers who prefer holding on to their privacy and keep their private information hidden from the outer world. This plan registers your domain under the name Domains by Proxy in order to ensure that your information is not made public. Instead the name your domain is registered under is the one whose information is given out to the public.

Even after that, you retain full access and control of your domain and hold the right to cancel, transfer, renew or sell your domain whenever you wish. However, if a customer tries and uses this plan to violate the law or spread spam, serious action can also be taken against them.

  • Protected Registration - This plan is made especially for those who fear losing their website, domain, email and everything else in case of bankruptcy or failure to pay after expiration. This plan ensures that your domain remains safe for a year even after expiration. This way you will not have to fear losing your personal data for any reason whatsoever. This plan also ensures that an accidental or malicious transfer is prevented at all costs.
  • Certified Domains - This plan provides customers a certified domain validation seal. With the high rates of scamming, phishing and pharming websites, visitors find it difficult to place their trust in a certain website. The validation seal ensures your visitors trust you and your website. Although, to obtain this plan, customers are required to undergo a credential check to make sure all the information provided is accurate and true.
If you are looking for special domain names, please try the specialized pages like GoDaddy .NET Coupon or GoDaddy Domain Coupon.

2. Web Hosting

GoDaddy provides the smoothest web hosting services which consist of more features than one can dream of, such as databases, emailing and blogging to name a few. Many other competitors have died trying but as of now, no one has been able to neither match the standard nor beat the exceptional record of GoDaddy.

Customers are presented a choice of three packages: Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. The features available in each package vary but there are a number of features that all three packages have in common:

  • Free domain with annual plans
  • One-click installation for 200+ free applications
  • Free email addresses
  • Flexible and user-friendly control panel
  • 24/7 security, monitoring and protection
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • Money return guarantee
  • Award winning technical support
  • Unlimited bandwidth

With such a variety of choices and ultra fast, high performance servers, one does not really have a reason not to choose GoDaddy for their web hosting needs.

3. Website Building

Creating and launching a website does not get any easier since GoDaddy's first priority is their customers and their amazing support staff is available 24/7 so it is easy for anyone to manage their websites and keep it running if they have a busy schedule.

To make website building a smooth and easy process, GoDaddy provides customers with three different and affordable packages called:

  • Personal - Great for people who have personal websites, this package comes packed with over 50 themes, a disk space of 1GB, bandwidth of 150GB and unlimited pages.
  • Business - For small businesses, this package comes with over 300 themes that can be utilized for business or personal means. Moreover, it has a disk space of 10GB, bandwidth of 500GB and includes a mobile website as well as a total of 5 email addresses for business use.
  • Business Plus - For small businesses that are slowly beginning to grow, the Business Plus package is like an extension. It comes with over 300 themes that can be utilized for business or personal means. The best part about it is that the disk space gets a big boost and you get 50GB of it. The bandwidth also gets a growth spurt and you have access to around 1000GB. You also get a mobile website tossed in with the lot and your total number of email addresses for business purposes is increased from 5 to 10.

Among all the packages available on GoDaddy, the Business package is highly popular among customers because it is perfect for small businesses. All three packages also include a free domain if the package is bought with an annual plan.

The GoDaddy website builder ensures that anyone can create their own website with a wide variety of themes available. A lot of customers have even reported that they find the procedure to apply themes and customize their websites easy with the variety of tools GoDaddy offers. The company maintains their reputation for providing customers strong support through live chat, email support and phone support available 24/7.

The 24/7 website building support is also particularly useful for those night owls who are suddenly struck with inspiration and must try out their ideas immediately. With such smooth support, all your planned changes go over as smoothly as possible.

4. WordPress Site/Blog

Being the world's most powerful website creation tool and content management system, WordPress has made it an easy task to build, manage and publish content to a website or blog with the ease of having to use nothing but the web browser. Because of that factor, WordPress is an integral aspect of online marketing and web content. GoDaddy offers WordPress management and hosting which takes things up a notch.

For anyone who opts to take advantage of the amazing and useful packages available through GoDaddy, the remarkable improved and manageability of the WordPress blog or site is quite noticeable. GoDaddy gives a total of 99.9% of uptime with top speed and reliability. There are three packages offered by GoDaddy for the ease of their customers;

  • Starter - The basic package is perfect for small startups and basic sites as well as business blogs. If you need support for around 25,000 visitors on a monthly basis, this package is definitely meant for you. You also get to take advantage of storage space of 100GB.
  • Business - This package is perfect for freelancers, small businesses, designers and people who are active designers. If you have more than one website and need support for 250,000 visitors or more, you should definitely pick this package. Moreover, you get bigger storage space for all your needs and have 500GB, completely at your disposal.
  • Pro - For creative and web development agencies, this is the ultimate package. If you need support for millions of visitors on a monthly basis on 25 websites and more, you should pick this package. With this package, you also get unlimited storage space.

All packages include a list of features:

  • Annual plans come with free domains.
  • Wide variety of plug-ins and themes.
  • Backups on a nightly basis.
  • Automatic WordPress core updates.
  • Dashboard with multi-language support.
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime.
  • Money return policy.
  • Website address (temporary)
  • Superfluous firewalls, DDoS protection and scanning for malware scanning.

5. GoDaddy Support

Currently, GoDaddy has around 4,000 employees and around 500 developers working in-house. Their award-winning support department is available and open at all hours, all year round. Technical support is mostly provided through their phone number which is answered every time a customer or anyone calls.

It is also provided through emails for those who are not in a hurry. Since they offer their services on a global level, GoDaddy has different numbers for every country and state which are all listed on their website.

There are forums and groups available as well which function as a means of technical support service, where customers keep themselves busy and can easily find the answers to most of their questions. New product updates and features are given on Idea Share, a suggestion box. GoDaddy also has hosting concierge as an extra support option which is designed with the intention to improve the performance of websites, making them faster.

The support option, hosting concierge, is available and provided completely free for the first 30 days of a customer's subscription for web hosting and cloud hosting services.

With such amazing services and more hidden under the hood, it's no surprise that GoDaddy is the number-one choice for webmasters looking for the best web hosting services that are reasonably priced as well. Truly, there is no doubt that GoDaddy is the big daddy of domain name providers.

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