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GoDaddy Dedicated Server Coupon June 2024

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Review

It is well known that GoDaddy offers excellent dedicated server hosting services so let’s take an in-depth look at what they offer by analyzing the benefits to using a dedicated server.

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Linux Plans

Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux
Storage: 40 GB Storage: 60 GB Storage: 90 GB Storage: 120 GB Storage: 240 GB
$24.99 /mo. $29.99 /mo. $34.99 /mo. $49.99 /mo. $99.99 /mo.

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Windows Plans

Windows Windows Windows Windows Windows
Storage: 40 GB Storage: 60 GB Storage: 90 GB Storage: 120 GB Storage: 240 GB
$34.99 /mo. $39.99 /mo. $44.99 /mo. $59.99 /mo. $109.99 /mo.

Management Levels

Level of Management Self-Managed Managed Fully Managed
OS CentOS 6 & 7, Fedora 20 & 22, Ubuntu, Windows 2008 & 2012 CentOS 6 & 7, Windows 2008 & 2012 CentOS 6 & 7, Windows 2008 & 2012
Monitoring Proactive: Network & Host Proactive: Network & Host Reactive: Container (stats via NodePing) Proactive: Network, Host, Container (stats via NodePing)
Patching  - YES YES
Root Access  YES YES YES
Control Panel - YES YES
APP Installs & Updates - YES YES
Security YES YES YES
Backups (Snapshot) 
Disaster Recovery Only
Disaster Recovery w/ On-Demand (1 Snapshot)
Disaster Recovery w/ On-Demand (1 Snapshot)
Migrations - YES YES
>Support / Expert SVCS YES YES YES

Server Specification Details

  • Processor Type 2x Intel E5-2630L v2 1x Xeon E3-1220-v3
  • Processor Core/Clock Speed 6 Core, 2.4/2.8Ghz 4 Core, 3.1/3.5GHz
  • Processor Memory 128GB ECC DDR3 1600MHz (8x16) 32GB ECC VLM UDIMM DDR3 1600MHz, (4 X 8)
  • Processor Cache 15MB 8MB
  • Hard Disk 6x300GB 10k (slot 0,1,2,3,4,5) 2 x 2 TB drives
Each Multi-Tenant VM Provides:
  • 5,000 SMTP relays
  • File and DB backups
  • Windows with Plesk available (Managed & Fully Managed)


Although shared hosting plans are typically reliable, GoDaddy’s dedicated servers provide you with an additional layer of reliability. When you are running your website on a shared server, you do not get to pick your neighbors. This means you do not know if the family next door is an average law-abiding family or a group of people running some sort of scam.

On the Internet, if your neighbors on a server operate a spam website or any other illegal website that requires more capabilities than an average website, it could affect your website’s performance. Additionally, a law enforcement raid on shared servers that are hosting illegal websites can bring down your entire site, at least temporarily.

With GoDaddy’s dedicated servers, you have the entire apartment building to yourself so you do not have to worry about anyone else’s activities. This implies that all the resources of the server are used to keep your website up and operating at peak performance.

GoDaddy’s dedicated servers provide you a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, which is a high standard in this industry.

Operating Platforms

Your IT department may have specific requirements regarding the operating platform they want to use for the servers or it may simply be a personal preference. In either case, GoDaddy offers you two main options. When you subscribe to a dedicated server service with GoDaddy, you can pick between Linux or Windows operating systems.

Plan Flexibility

If you need a dedicated server, it goes without saying that you will have to pay more than if you use a hosting service with shared servers. However, GoDaddy makes it easy for you to sign on for a dedicated server option as they provide five different pricing levels for both the Linux and Windows operating systems (10 plans in all). You can pick the level of service based on the size of your business and the traffic you expect your website to generate.

For Linux, the pricing ranges from $69.99 a month, going up to $199.99 a month, depending on RAM space. The basic plan starts from 2 GB RAM, offering 512 GB of storage space and unlimited bandwidth, and the priciest package is for 32 GB RAM, with 2 TB storage and unlimited bandwidth.

For Windows users, the pricing starts at $109.99 a month, and goes up to $239.99 a month, the specifications being the same as they are for the Linux plans.


The advantage with the various plan levels is you do not pay for resources not required by your business, but you can easily upgrade to the next plan level when you are expecting to sign influx of traffic because you have signed up with a new client. Upgrading with GoDaddy is an extremely seamless transition and it can be done with experiencing any downtime for your website.

Administrative Access

When your website is hosted on a shared server, you do not get access to the server. When you sign up for GoDaddy’s dedicated server service you get full access to the server. In fact, GoDaddy really keeps users in mind so it offers three levels of service.

The self-managed option is the one that gives your IT department the most freedom. This is really for those individuals who do not need any help with setting up servers. This option can be run on CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and Windows operating systems.

Managed and fully-managed plans let you worry about a lot less options. GoDaddy provides you with a control panel (cPanel) and takes care of updates, patching, backups and more. These plans run on CentOS and Windows operating systems.

With all three of the management level options, you do get root access. This process allows you to upload the programs you want and custom program the configurations to suit your needs. Better yet, root access permits monitoring of server resources and usage. Hence, identifying potential issues before they arise is made easier and you can fix the issues before they become major problems.


One of the best features of GoDaddy’s dedicated server hosting service is utmost security. If you are handling sensitive data or transactions over SSL or FTP, you need the enhanced security a dedicated server provides over shared servers.

GoDaddy also protects your website by running a Web Application Firewall (WAF) for malware blocking and removal from your server. This application comes pre-installed with the fully managed and managed server options. With the self-managed options, you can install any application you want as you have full control of the server.


There are multiple backup features applied with GoDaddy’s dedicated server hosting service.

You data is completely protected with disk mirroring using RAID 1. Site backups and restoration capabilities using the Sitelock program allows you to turn back the clock to access lost files that you absolutely need to have.


You can rest assured your website will load quickly and your dedicated server will process data with blazing speed when you sign up with GoDaddy. Their dedicated server hosting service uses powerful Intel Xeon processors.

Additional Feature

A feature that is not always provided with other web hosting providers is MySQL. GoDaddy provides this popular open source database pre-installed on all Linux servers.

Customer Service

When signing up with GoDaddy you know you get to rely on award winning customer service. Their representatives are experienced and can help you navigate through any problems you might encounter.


GoDaddy’s dedicated server web hosting service is one of the premium services available in the market today. Their pricing is ultra-competitive and service is excellent. This is a highly recommended platform for your site’s hosting requirements.

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