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How to Redeem your HostGator Coupon Code

Here is how you can enter a HostGator coupon. I assume, you are already on the checkout page.

After selecting the package type and billing cycle of your choice, scroll down a bit till you see this:
HostGator Coupon
Scroll down to "5. Enter a Coupon Code"
This is where you will have to enter the coupon code.
Enter HostGator Promo Code at Checkout
Now enter coupon code and click the button "Validate"
Enjoy your massive discount.
HostGator Discount accepted
Your discounted price is immediately displayed. Cheers :-)!

Pay Attention to HostGator's Coupon Categories

HostGator offers some General Coupons, that work for all shopping categories, like VPS, Shared Hosting, Domains, Cloud. However, these coupons offer very little discounts. That's why we don't feature them in our stock of HostGator Codes. Instead, we found out the best codes for every singe shopping category.

So, you can't just paste any code and hope it works. Please choose the right coupon from the right category that you are buying right now. Also pay attention to the billing cycle length (see below).

Codes from the wrong category won't work. So for example, it does not reduce the price to paste a HostGator VPS Coupon, if you are buying a Domain.

Discounts in Regards to Billing Cycle and Package

HostGator coupon codes will grant you a different discount, depending on the billing cycle and the package level you choose. The longer the billing cycle, the higher the discount will be usually. And the same holds true for packages: the larger the hosting package you choose, the higher the discount will be.

With many coupons, there is no more discount below 12 months billing cycles. However, there are some coupons that provide a discount even for as low as one month. We make sure that we have those always on stock.

So, if you only want a billing cycle of 1 or 6 months, the coupon with the highest % of discount is not neccesarily the best coupon for you. If you want to pay as few as possible, take some minutes and read the coupon labels to choose the best one for your personal setting.
HostGator Promo Code

HostGator Coupon Codes

There is no doubt about the fact that HostGator has become a popular and a reputable webhosting and VPS solutions providers in the US. Many new users and webmasters prefer to use HostGator’s streamlined and highly effective services, which enables them to flexibly enhance the aesthetics and the functionality of their web design.

Plus, HostGator has three impressive hosting plans prices at competitive rates. All of which are provided through an umbrella network of dedicated servers. Small businesses and startups particularly go for HostGator’s Hatchling plan because of its flexible benefits, not to mention a whole bunch of advantageous features.

A Note to Webmasters

HostGator is also famous for another reason, and that is the fact that they frequently provide users with ‘Flash Sales’, which contain coupons that could fetch you a whopping 40% off on a score of HostGator services. However, these special promo coupons are special, but they are particular as well.

And that means that very limited offers with a majority of the best coupons that have a 24 hour expiration date. But what we can help you out with this situation. What we can do is to provide you with these special offers as soon as they happen.

We can do this by first entering your email ID into the sign-up form of HostGator. And as soon as there is a flash sale happening, we will immediately send you an email, where you will be able to view the coupons and select the ones you like.

You don’t have to worry about your information, as it is confidential and is kept safe. Plus, if you want, we will only send you an email whenever there is a HostGator flash sale.
HostGator's Snappy
HostGator's Snappy is still eating up all kinds of things, especially their competition. Image: HostGator

All about HostGator

The company was established in 2002 by a webmaster named Brent Oxley. Oxley was a student at the University of Florida when he came up with a plan to start his company, HostGator almost 14 years ago. HostGator has a host of data centers placed around the US.

They have data centers placed in Houston as well as Florida. The company also provides its users with shared hosting services that are designed for both Linux and Windows based operating systems. On top of that they also provide a score of other services like VPS solutions, dedicated servers, Reseller options, Application hosting, etc.

Eight years ago, HostGator was also ranked in the inc.500. They were ranked 21st in the category of fastest expanding and growing company in the web hosting industry in the US. In a statistical report posted by HostGator, they revealed that they host a total of 8 million domains, and this report came out 4 years ago in 2012.

And till this date, they have experienced phenomenal growth levels. According to various audience polls, it was also discovered that a majority of users prefer HostGator over numerous other webhosting companies, primarily due to their flexibility, their transparency and their dedication to provide users with nothing less than perfection.

These audience polls were hosted by Lifehacker, a popular and highly credible website.

HostGator is Committed to Staying a Green Web Hosting Company

There is no question about the fact that web hosting ranks at the top when you talk about some of the most energy consuming industries in the US and outside of it. And a majority of web hosting companies are resorting more energy efficient solutions and measures to reduce their carbon footprint on our wonderful planet. However, these companies just started to take environmentally friendly measures – whereas HostGator began switching to Green solutions a long time ago.

They were quick to implement a variety of energy efficient servers that make up their data centers in the US. In doing so, HostGator was able to minimize their carbon footprint by more than 36%.

Another way they minimize energy consumption is through purchasing RECs (Renewable Energy Credits), which enables HostGator to offset their total energy consumption by more than 130%.

HostGator Headquarter

HostGator has its headquarters in the state of Texas, with offices widespread in Houston although it was founded in Florida. There is doubt about the performance of HostGator as a premier web hosting company; it was eventually acquired by the mega group EIG (Endurance International Group) in 2013. On the other hand, the company is still headquartered in Houston, Texas.

HostGator utilizes and operates its servers from 3 different, but major, date centers located in Houston, Dallas and Utah. However, the company does not wholly own these data centers, they rather outsource the servers or in other words, they are partners with the data centers.

Plus, HostGator also provide its users with CloudFare integration – incorporating all their topnotch content services. CloudFare is a famous CDN (Content Delivery Network). A majority of website incorporate the use of CloudFare’s CDN solutions to enhance and maintain the speed of the websites they cater to. 

The Gator’s Offer – Impressive Hosting Plans by HostGator

HostGator Discount
Enjoy HostGator Discounts with our Promo Codes and Sales. Image: HostGator
HostGator provide a total of 3 different shares hosting packages, which include Hatchling, Baby and Business. These packages are designed in accordance to the specifications and different requirements of numerous webmasters and private users. Mentioned below is a description of what each plan has to offer:
  • Hatchling – Starting at $3.96 per month, Hatchling is designed to provide users with a single domain, unlimited disk storage, unlimited bandwidth and a shared Secure Socket Layer Certificate. Not bad at all.
  • Baby Plan – The Baby plan is designed to provide users with unlimited domains, unlimited disk storage and a shared Secure Socket Layer Certificate. The package starts at $6.36 per month.
  • Business Plan – The Business plan starts at $10.36 per month and provides webmaster and corporate users with unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk storage, a free subscription of their Secure Socket Layer Certificate, not to mention a free IP and dedicated TOLL free number for personalized tech support.
As you can see, the Hatchling and Baby plans come with the same, rudimentary offers of unlimited bandwidth and storage whereas the Business plan incorporates a wider range of benefits. But what is also true is the fact that both the Hatchling as well as the Baby plan is perfect for startups and online entrepreneurs who are running a small website. The Business plan’s toll free number provides corporate users with a total of 100 free minutes worth of talk time.  

 Although you might just be thinking that HostGator’s hosting plans are rather basic, with a handful of distinctions between them. It is also important to focus on the fact that you will be given a hefty amount of email accounts to work with and limitless storage and bandwidth, which is enough for a single URL.

However, you can upgrade your plan as soon as you develop another websites without having to worry about configuring anything, plus, this migration will not cost you anything. But you also have to understand that HostGator does not allow users to park domain names.

Along with the aforementioned three webhosting plans offered by HostGator, the company also provides exceptional Reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting solutions.

 HostGator – Money Back Guarantee

HostGator is among the handful of webhosting companies that provides new users with a full 45-day money-back guarantee whereas a majority of webhosting companies provides users with a total of just 30 days worth of money-back.

Although the cost of the initial domain that you buy is one time, you can terminate your subscription anytime you want within the 45 day periods and HostGator will provide you with a refund. However, the company will not provide you with a refund if you cancel subscription after the 45-day limit.
HostGator Promo Code
HostGator offers a wide array of web hosting services. Image: HostGator

 HostGator is all over the World Wide Web

You can follow HostGator on a host of different social media platforms. The company has its own YouTube account where it posts highly informative videos about their services and how they company has helped a plethora of online companies with successfully integrated hosting options.

Plus, the company also educates users on how to maximize your web-traffic. Apart from YouTube, you can also follow HostGator on Facebook where you can easily find updates and learn about exclusive promotions as well different announcements.

Plus, you can also follow them on Twitter and find out more about their services and offers as they make short, quick announcements.

The Benefits of Subscribing for HostGator’s Webhosting Solutions

 In light of this, mentioned below are some of the best reasons why you should consider using HostGator’s services:

Top Level Help and Support

There is no doubt about the fact that HostGator provides with a user-friendly group of services, which are easy to use and understand. You don’t have to be a webmaster or a tech wiz to understand anything. Having said that, when you talk about using their webhosting packages and other services, you have to familiarize yourself with a score of different things, which is obvious.

The point is learning isn’t as hard on HostGator as it is on a number of different webhosting providers. On another not, this is where the company’s tech support jumps right into action. HostGator is renowned for having a friendly and extremely helpful department of tech support, which is on standby 24/7.

Plus, HostGator is also very big on helping their clients help themselves, which basically means that they have a FAQ page that answers all the common questions asked by a majority of new and old users alike. The question and answer session envelopes a broad scope of things, which also include common issues and complications and the best way to solve them without having to contact HostGator.

The company has also provided a wide range of diverse video tutorials where you can learn how to integrate HostGator’s services and to solve any issues. There are also a number of support channels you can reach HostGator’s technical support. You can do so via email, via live chat and through their toll free number. 

However, due to the fact that they cater to more than a million users worldwide, their tech support often requires you to wait for 30 minutes at a time. Yes, this does sound frustrating, but it doesn’t happen on a regular basis.

HostGator’s cPanel Options

There is no question that HostGator provides a wonderful set of features on its cPanel, which also integrates plenty of advanced tools, for example, customizable cron applications as well as error pages. But with that being said, HostGator does lack in one element, and that is its script library.

These advanced features and applications aren’t necessarily what new users and bloggers require – however, for advanced users, these features can really help enable them to enhance the design and layout of their websites.

Web Security

You really don’t have to fret about your website being vulnerable to malware with HostGator on your back. And that is primarily due to the fact that the company includes powerful anti-spam software called Spam Assassin, which the company includes in all of its packages of all webhosting and VPS hosting solutions.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee & Reliable Server

Despite of the fact that HostGator has experienced two very big power outages, you will be surprised to know that the company has never once failed when it comes to server reliability. HostGator has incorporated the use of innovative and advanced technologies, which ensure server responsiveness and reliability.

Plus, the gators frequently upgrade their systems to ensure that all servers function with high efficiency and effectiveness. In all, HostGator provides its users with remarkable uptime rates, which are consistent and guaranteed.

Affordable Business Hosting Plan

Another element that is often overlooked by a majority of people when selecting HostGator’s webhosting plans is the very fact that the company has one of the most affordable Business plan in the industry. Just think about what you are getting in $10.36 a month. The features included in Business plan are nothing short of amazing.

HostGator Promo Codes and Coupons

And don’t forget to factor in the benefits you can reap from using HostGator’s coupon codes. You can enjoy significant cost cuts on your favorite gator plans and VPS solutions.
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