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GoDaddy SSL Coupon July 2024

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Safe as much as you can with your SSL purchase

+ More months, more savings
The longer you lock in on your SSL Certificate, the more cash you save. First of all, GoDaddy gives you a better price for more months. Additionally, the coupon will substract even more cash from this discounted price.

GoDaddy SSL Certificates

Standard Deluxe Premium (EV)
$100,000 warranty $250,000 warranty $1,000,000 warranty
Domain Ownership
Validates both,
Domain & Company
Validates both,
Domain & Company
- Supports Intel vPro technology Green Bar Assurance
- - For Business Use Only
1 year: $69.99 /yr.
2 years: $69.99 /yr.
3 years: $69.99 /yr.
1 year: $99.99 /yr.
2 years: $89.99 /yr.
3 years: $89.99 /yr.
1 year: $199.99 /yr.
2 years: $199.99 /yr.
On Sale: only $99.99 /yr.

How to Enter your GoDaddy SSL Coupon

Once you arrive at GoDaddy’s online shopping cart, scroll a bit to the bottom of the home page until you see a Have a Promo Code option.

Click on the tab and a function will appear that will allow you enter the code you have obtained. After you enter the code, just click on apply, you will be all set to receive the promotional benefits of the coupon. GoDaddy SSL Promo Code Dialogue The page is automatically refreshed when you punch in the promo code, and you will see this: GoDaddy SSL Coupon Discount Activated In the right corner of the shopping cart at the top, you will be able to view the total amount of your order. You will also be able to view the total amount of cash you have saved by using the promotional code. However, if you feel that the amount saved isn’t nearly enough, you can try punching in a different code until you are satisfied with what you are looking for.

In-depth information about GoDaddy's SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates given out by GoDaddy are a cheap and effective way for you to protect all the private information given by your customers on your website, for example their credit card numbers, passwords, etc. Having GoDaddy SSL Certificates will ensure confidence in you by the customers frequently coming to your website to do any shopping and won't worry about anything as they your website is protected and secured. Moreover, having a GoDaddy SSL Certificate would also allow spike your ranking on popular search engines, like Google and Yahoo.

What Information Does a GoDaddy SSL Certificate Contain?

The following information will be provided in and with your SSL Certificate:
  • The name of the person for which the certificate is being issued
  • Expiration date and a serial number of the SSL Certificate
  • The holders' public key and a copy of it
  • The digital signatures of the issuing authority
  • Maximized encryption strength of the SSL Certificate provided by GoDaddy
  • GoDaddy's high-grade 256-bit encryption

How Strong is the Encryption on a SSL Certificate?

The encryption strength provided for a secure connection depends on the type of encryption incorporated and integrated on the web browser by the user himself including the web server the website is designed on.

For instance, if you use Firefox on an Apache server, the combination will provide you with a 256-bit AES GoDaddy encryption on your SSL Certificate. This also means the strength of the encryption generally depends on the type of browser you use.

How Do SSL Certificates Work?

SSL Certificates are a great security measure, not to mention a necessary one. It prevents identity theft, falsified or forged purchasing and information theft.

Through the SSL Certificate the browser and web server both become secure for the buyer to do his or her shopping without having to worry or to hesitate paying for their goods over the internet.

This is done through a process known as 'handshake'. The process entails forming a secure web session each time the customer is busy shopping and paying. The process is done discreetly without having to trouble the customer.

Ever noticed the padlock icon in the status bar of a secure website you surf on? Well, the padlock is an indication the website is protected and you can do your shopping securely.

However, if you accidentally share sensitive information on a website which is not SSL Certified or unsecure, the browser's innate security process will immediately raise a red flag and give you a notification the site you're sharing your information on is unsecure.

What Happens if the SSL Certificate Expires?

Your GoDaddy SSL Certificate will always have expiration date before which you have to renew the certificate. In case you fail to renew your certificate, your GoDaddy SSL Certificate will be rendered useless and invalid and will no longer be able to guarantee secure transactions. But don't worry. Whenever the expiration date draws near, the Certification Authority notifies the user to renew it.

It is absolutely necessary you apply for a SSL Certification for your browser for a secure web experience.

Why deploying SSL anyway?

There is no doubt about the fact that adding a secured layer of protection for you website is paramount if you want to give you customers a secure level of shopping experience.

Plus, SSL is becoming increasingly important for not just the protection of website’s visitors, securing their credit information, but it is also important to realize that SSL certificates can also considerably help you boost your website’s search ranking as well.

This also goes for websites owners who don’t handle online payment processing on their websites – they should still incorporate a SSL certificate to ensure that their websites are safe to browse and shop from.

A Secure Socket Layer is a big statements saying ‘Hey, don’t worry; you are completely safe with us.’ GoDaddy’s promotional codes mentioned here can considerably help you about up to 40% in buying their SSL Certificates. The codes are of course evaluated and tested on week to week basis, plus, we also provide customers with proof that these GoDaddy promo codes are valid and can indeed benefit your websites.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about how to install SSL Certificates as we have mentioned how you can do that here.

The Website Security Center mentioned below can take you through a step by step process of you can effortlessly and successfully install SSL Certificates on your websites.

SSL News for Webmasters

The SSL Certificate promotional codes, which give you a whopping discount on buying and installing GoDaddy SSL, only accommodate the protection of a single website.

It is important to realize that they will not function on another website or Multiple-Domain UCC, which stands for Unified Communications Certificate – the same goes for Wildcard SSL Certificates.

If you own and operate more than one websites you and want to buy another SSL Certificate, then you will be required to purchase a UCC, which can accommodate up to five different websites.

And if you want to save cash on a 5 website UCC then it is best that you utilize the 30% off SSL promo code.

Secure Socket Layer Certificate Matter for your Google Rankings and Search Engine Optimization

On August 7th, Google made it clear that Secure Socket Layer Certificates will be signaled as an important element in facilitating SEO rankings.

The company made the announcement, stating that they have incorporated the signal into Google’s algorithm for search listings and are excited with the end outcome.

However, Google has also stated that the weight of SSL signals is not that heavy, which means that you shouldn’t solely rely on them. But SSL Certificate will gain even more prominence in the long term when you talk about increasing search engine rankings.

But at the present moment, Google has giving all website owners a heads up, giving them a head start in order to incorporate SSL Certificates on all websites.

In light of this, Google also posted webmaster blog, which stated that the signal for SSL Certificates is lightweight, which affects approximately 1% of all worldwide queries, significantly carrying minimal weight compared to the important of exclusive content – while Google will still provide webmasters an adequate amount of time to switch their websites to HTTPS.

However, it is totally up to Google’s discretion whether or not they decide to solidify the algorithm because the company is encourage all website owners to switch their websites to HTTPS in order keep a more safe online environment.

In simpler words, if you’re considering becoming an online entrepreneur or a blogger or a general website owner, encrypting your website is definitely a good way of running at the front of websites that don’t have SSL.

While it is true that Google hasn’t promised that doing so will significantly or even partially help you rapid climb up the ranking – they still encourage webmaster to future-proof their websites against all virtual threats possible.

But one thing is for sure, Google will, in the long run, boost the significance of SSL Certificates in its rankings, increase the value of website encryption.

But you are fortunate enough to start from today as you can use one of the various SSL promotional codes provided to you by GoDaddy, which can guarantee a great discount on the original price.

Plus, you can also use our website’s security tab easily learn how you can make your website even more secure and safe.

What Exactly is a SSL Certificate

Secure Socket Layer Certificate is an important web security measure that established that fact that you website is safe to be viewed and surfed or shopped from. The certificate also guarantees and act as a powerful assurance that you website can be trusted.

But what exactly is it? Well, a SSL Certificate is basically a secure online connection between the browser you use to operate your website and the host’s servers, in this case, GoDaddy’s server.

The SSL Certificate comforts your website’s visitors and customers that all the entirety of the information you provide, pertaining to your credit or debit card purchases, is safe from theft, hacking and malware.

SSL Certificate protects this information from falling into the hands of hackers and other malicious third-parties.

GoDaddy’s promo codes have been tested on a week to week basis to ascertain their validity and to see whether or not you really save money on them. We will also be providing customers with limited time promo code offers as well as limited time discounts that have nothing to do with promo codes. SSL Browser Verification Example You can think of Secure Socket Layer Certificates as protective and secure gateway that validates and authenticates your website’s presence and its identity, enabling your website’s visitors to browse and navigate your website using a secured connection.

You can easily identify whether or not a website is protected by a SSL. Viewed above is an image that points out the websites that are classified as http(s) are SSL certified, whereas only HTTP websites are not.

Does your Website Really Require a SSL Certificate?

Well, if your website is involved in online commerce, then a strong yes. However, the answer is also yes for websites that only engage in gathering different information from different visitors. For example, website that incorporate questionnaires, or require log in information, e-mail requirements, etc, should have SSL Certificates.

Plus, it also informs visitors that the website you are operating that anything they view or buy on your website is absolutely secure. Even if you website does not require a visitor’s credit or e-mail information, the HTTPS in your website’s URL is a major indicator that you website is safe to view and that the information is valid.

However, it is important to realize that if you have a payment portal incorporate on your websites, for example, PayPal for online payments – your customers will then be directed to PayPal’s homepage and websites, where the website will have its own SSL protection.

GoDaddy SSL FAQs

Are SSL Certificate really that Important?
Yes, they are. And that is because of the fact that big time browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc, take Secure Socket Layer Certification quite seriously. And since Mozilla began to completely restructure its website, the company has strongly considered excommunicating all websites that have incorporated the use of TeliaSonera’s, a (Swedish Telecom company), SSL Certificates. There is no doubt about the fact that asking a company’s website to show its SSL Certificate to have it declared as trusted is a significantly big thing in the online world.

My website doesn't take online payments. Do I still need it?
Yes it does. Look there is really no harm in having SSL protection. But if you are an online entrepreneur or an online business and have incorporated the use of an online payment portal then think about it, won’t you be more satisfied in providing your customers with a safe environment? SSL instills confidence in website by your customers, who without hesitation will give their credit information to buy stuff from you.

What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?
Wildcard SSL Certificates are awesome innovation, but their practicality is limited in the sense that you can only use them if your website has sub-domains. For example, taking a website named https// will be secured, but with a Wildcard SSL Certificate, so will a domain of the same website named

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