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GoDaddy Dedicated IP Coupon May 2024

Why a Dedicated IP Address?

GoDaddy is probably the most popular web hosting service provider and offers a bevy of hosting solutions. Among the options they propose is dedicated IP address hosting.

The great thing about a dedicated IP is that you use it exclusively, and don't have to share it with any other hosting accounts. This is a must for you if you are in the eCommerce domain, especially if your website uses SSL secured payment.

A dedicated IP also identifies your website as unique, as Google will be easily able to recognize it because of the dedicated IP. This means your site isn't in the same bracket as malicious sites, such as spam and adult sites.

This is something you cannot be sure of if you are using a shared IP hosting plan. As GoDaddy is the leading name in the industry, it is a good idea to look at what they offer in their dedicated IP hosting program.

Dedicated IP Address Features

A GoDaddy account with dedicated IP web hosting will provide you multiple benefits that we explore in-depth in this article.

Ease of Access

When you sign up for a dedicated IP web hosting account with GoDaddy, you can access your site via multiple methods. You can view it with a hosting IP address or gain direct access to the website's folders and files using FTP or an Internet browser.

Update DNS Anytime

Sometimes, it is necessary to update a website domain name's DNS. This usually causes the site to become inaccessible for one to two days and can be quite problematic, especially if you have to FTP or pre-visualize any modifications to your website. However, it is easy to access your site if you have signed up for GoDaddy's dedicated IP address web hosting service.

With a dedicated IP (unique address), you can modify and upload content at any time and can preview all the changes without any difficulties. To check out your site, simply enter your dedicated IP address in the internet browser's address bar and your site will load up for you to view it.

SSL Security Certificates

If you need to purchase SSL certificates for your website, you will require a dedicated IP address web hosting account. If you purchase and SSL certificate with GoDaddy, they will automatically provide your website a dedicated IP address service so you do not have to worry about subscribing separately for the dedicated IP address service.

Anytime you want to process private data, especially payment information, on your website, it is essential that you use static IP (dedicated IP address). This will enable you to set up an SSL plugin that will redirect data through an encrypted connection.

This ensures the data is protected from theft and fraud and is obligatory if you want to protect the customers making purchases on your website or providing sensitive data.

Benefits of a Dedicated IP Address

Dedicated IP addresses are akin to driving your own car versus taking public transport. If someone else's car has mechanical issues it has no impact on your vehicle, but if a public bus breaks down, everyone on the bus will be affected by the issue and will be delayed.

The majority of domain names do not have a dedicated IP address. Usually, an address is shared among hundreds of domain names. In case one domain name has an issue, it could possibly affect all the other names sharing the IP address.

For instance, ISPs and online search engines will penalize all the domain names sharing an IP address that has one domain name sending spam email. Unfortunately, like public transport, you do not select who you travel with so who does what with their domain name is completely beyond your control.

Dedicated IP addresses are secure simply because they are exclusive to your domain name. No one else is using that IP address. This option allows you to stand clear of the risks involved in using IP addresses that are shared by multiple users.

SEO experts also believe a dedicated IP address can improve your website's online ranking in search results. Many search engines are programmed to prioritize "private" addresses because domain names are not linked to other names.

Subscribing to a Dedicated IP Account

GoDaddy really simplifies the process of acquiring a static IP or dedicated IP address option. If you already have a hosting account with them that is using a shared IP address, you can log in to your profile and select the account you want to modify (in case you have multiple accounts with GoDaddy), and select the dedicated IP option. You can buy a dedicated IP or enter a credit you have already obtained for a dedicated IP service.

If you are signing up for a new account, you do not need to worry about purchasing a dedicated IP address option if you are selecting a web hosting account that includes an SSL certificate. In such cases, GoDaddy will assign a secure static IP address to your web domain.

There is no need to fret about which options have dedicated IP or not as you get to see all service level options that come with a dedicated IP, along with the option to purchase static IP as a stand-alone service, when you click on the link to put a dedicated IP in your cart.


Subscribing for a dedicated IP address for your domain name is, like every other GoDaddy web hosting service, extremely affordable. The current cost for signing up for a static IP address is only $5.99 per month.

Overall Impression

GoDaddy's dedicated IP web hosting service's benefits are easy to understand and the web hosting service provider makes it exceptionally simple to either add-on the service as a stand-alone option or to select a service level option that will include a dedicated IP address for free.

The price is also extremely reasonable. Should you require a dedicated IP web hosting service, GoDaddy should be one of your top options as the company's performance and approval ratings are excellent.

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