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Arvixe Coupon Codes June 2024

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How to Redeem your Arvixe Coupon

Signing up for your Arvixe codes is a relatively simple task. Here is what you have to do. After you go to land on their homepage, click on their webhosting solutions, choose a package like so:

Next up, add a domain name, like so: Then type in your billing information like so: Choose any additional services if you want to, like so: Then scroll down to the bottom to redeem your Arvixe coupon like so:

Arvixe's Story

Formed more than 13 year ago in 2003, Arvixe is a fairly popular webhosting company that focuses on quality and streamlined efficiency when you talk about webhosting solutions.

The company is located in San Luis, California and is regarded as an experienced and well resourced company that caters to thousands of users spread globally.

The company was established by Arvand Sabetian and through his vision and dedicated to top level webhosting, the company managed to slip into the Inc.500 rankings for being one of the fastest growing webhosting companies twice, in 2011 and a second time in 2012.

A Brief History of the Man behind the Company – Arvand Sabetian

Before I talk about the company impeccable and well designed webhosting plans, I thought it would also be interesting to shed some light about the founder of Arvixe, Arvand Sabetian and how he has managed to operate his company through incorporating an efficient infrastructure.

You would be surprised to know that Arvand managed to be ranked twice in the Inc.30, for being the youngest online entrepreneur in the US.

And he was mentioned twice, in 2002 and then in 2003. Sabetian founded the company when he was still studying in high school as a freshman.

There was also an article posted by the Inc.30, which mentioned that Arvand was not interested in giving up his company in pursuit of achieving his academic goals in college.

So, instead of quitting college and focusing solely on his company, what he did was gather some of his closest friends, formed a group and then divided the operations of the company amongst them, ensuring that the website was always operational and consistent.

And a big reason behind why he did that was because the website was beginning to see a lot of traffic and a lot of fresh webmasters chose Arvixe as a vessel to further their goals to becoming online entrepreneurs.

Keep in mind that all of the people running the company were also studying in college. Eight years ago in 2008, Arvand Sabetian successfully managed to graduate college with a major in civil engineering.

And to everyone’s amazement, this was about the same time when Arvixe, Sabetian brainchild was raking in more than $150,000 every year, that too in profit!

So, in light of his, as he saw that the company was doing good and had ample room for improvement, Sabetian decided to give his company one more shot to see what happens, and the rest is what you see today.

Arvixe - A Growing Enterprise

The company exponentially grew from initially being a one man run company into generating millions of dollars every year. Another interesting fact about Arvixe is that it does not have a headquarters or a physical office, though there are more than 80 people who have become a part of the growing webhosting provider.

One of the primary reasons behind how Sabetian managed to carry his company to success is the very fact that no matter transpired, he and his team never compromised on the quality and efficiency of the services provided.

They have focused their energy and resources to establishing a webhosting company that can become a one-stop-solution for all types of webmasters, both new and experienced. And this is something that most webhosting companies lack.

Arvixe – Webhosting Plans

There are plenty of services provided by the Arvixe in all categories.

They have impeccable services when you talk about shared hosting, they have wonderful VPS solutions, personal and business specifications, a host of dedicated servers and plenty of streamlined reseller hosting solutions. Let’s have a more detailed look into the services they provide:

Shared Hosting – Personal & Business

Arvixe’s Personal shared hosting plan emphasizes on individual webmaster that are looking for a more cost-effective and budget friendly alternative to webhosting.

Within Arvixe’s Personal hosting, user have the options to choose from two separate hosting solutions, which are standard and pro, the standard packages starts at $4 a month and the pro starts at $7 a month.
Both plan provide users with limitless disk space along with unlimited data transfers, a free domain name and streamlined servers located in both the US and Europe.

However, Secure Socket Layer Certificates are not included in these plans and have to be bought separately along with dedicated IPs and some other additional features.

Similarly, the Business class plan provided by Arvixe also consists of separate packages, both named the same as the packages in their Personal hosting services, standard and pro.

In the Business plan, the standard package starts at $22 per month and the pro package starts at $35 a month, they incorporate the same features mentioned in the company’s Personal plans, but with the addition of dedicated IPs as well as free SSL certificates.

Arvixe’s Dedicate Hosting and VPS Solutions

The company has designed its VPS Standard hosting to start from $40 every month along with another packages called Pro from $70 every month. Both these packages consist of limited storage of 50 and 100 GBs respectively. The plans also consist of unlimited data transfers, free domain names, free Secure Socket Layer Certificates along with two separate IPs.

The company’s dedicated servers are equipped with fully integrated and managed servers.

Plus, they have also integrated security updates, which are scheduled at night time, dedicated support with 24/7 standby, free Secure Socket Layer Certificate, free domain names as well as multitude of different features. Arvixe’s dedicate server packages start $105 every month, in which you will get a single processor and $329 every month in which you will get more than 2 servers.

Arvixe’s Uptime

I subscribed for Arvixe’s shared hosting a couple of years ago in search for an answer that revolved around their legendary uptime speed.

So, I had to make sure whether the rumors were true. And to my surprise they were. I tracked the hosting up time for a considerably amount of time.

In a nut shell, I would say that Arvixe performed marvelously and still does. I recorded their up time speeds for more than 30 days and discovered that they indeed provide an up time speed of 99.9% consistently and without fail.

And while the company does not guarantee this up time rate, there hasn’t been a single even in which I experienced any sort of down time.

Plus, when you talk about Arvixe’s shared hosting, you will be happy to know that the company also provides a plethora of hosting option that are accompanied by various subsets as well as add-ons.

Some of the Best Things about Arvixe’s Shared Hosting

Here is a list of some of the most impressive things about Arvixe’s shared hosting solutions, which you should definitely consider:

Arvixe has a formidable business record – The company is quite popular and their webhosting services are efficient and effective not mention the fact that the company has been in the industry for more than 10 years, has amassed quite the customer base and has a bright future in the long-run.

Awesome options for upgrade – Another thing that will impress you is the fact that the company provides its users with a diverse range of options when it comes to specific organizational needs and requirements.

For example, when you talk about their dedicated serves, the company provides options for both Linux and Windows operating systems.

Arvixe has valuable additional services and add-ons – Arvixe is among the few companies that has incorporates the services of both CloudFare, which is a CDN and RVSiteBuilder.

This means you can create and develop your website without any complications. They have simply beautiful interface, designed specifically to cater to the needs of both experienced and non-experienced webmasters.

All shared hosting plans provided by Arvixe integrate the use of RVSiteBuilder, free of cost. Plus, CloudFare comes at a relatively cost-effective price compared to other webhosting companies. More than enough in CPU Power allocation – Although they claim that they provide unlimited hosting, which cannot be true, it is important to understand that the company is still quite generous when you talk about server and power utilization.

For instance, Arvixe’s shared web host provides users more than 700 CPU seconds, a total of 2 of RAM and 500 physical processes, which is no way bad considering you will only be paying $4 a month.

Impressive money-back guarantee – Arvixe provides its new users with an incredible 60-day money back guarantee and upholds its promise to refunding its users in the case of cancellation.

And mind you, this does not happen very often. But still, the company transcends expectations by going a notch up when you talk about the 30-day industry standard.

Things you should Know

Back in 2014, Sabetian sold his company to the EIG group of companies (Endurance International Group), which is a popular organization that owns a majority of top level webhosting enterprises in the US and in Europe. Among the companies they own are HostGator, Bluehost, iPage, etc.

Benefits of Arvixe’s Shared Hosting Solutions

Mentioned below is a list of reasons why you should consider opting for the company’s streamlined webhosting services:

Impeccable Control Panel

Arvixe’s Personal plan for webhosting emphasizes on placing your website’s content online, which also means that you can operate your website’s content requirements absolutely hands-free. And because you are a registrant with the webhosting provider, you don’t really have to fret about anything. However, if you want take control, there are plenty of options that enable you to do so via the website’s cPanel options.

The company has integrated the use of the standard cPanel on their website, more particularly, the 11.42 version of the cPanel.

Although I won’t argue that the design isn’t that much, you have to understand that the cPanel designed by Arvixe is specifically for utility and not aesthetic visuals.

There is little doubt in the fact that you might just be a bit overwhelmed by looking at the cPanel initially. But as you begin to use it, you will understand how easy and simple it is.

However, it is still suggested that you practice and do some research when it comes to using a cPanel, webmasters who are experienced find it to be simple and easy, while non-experienced users may experienced slight issues, which can be ironed-out with a bit of learning and research.

After you website is live and published, Arvixe provides users with day to day website analysis and statistics that enable users to have a bird’s eye view of where their website stands in terms of performance.

The webhosting solutions provider has also incorporated the AWStats as well Webalizer, both extremely efficient performance software.

Using the software you will be able to conveniently track and monitor you website’s statistics as well as have a precise evaluation of monthly or weekly visits made by your potential clients.

Website Security

This is perhaps one of the greatest features of Arvixe, which is also a major element when you talk about professional webhosting providers.
Not to mention, Arvixe also provides its users with free domains for eternity. This is to keep you hooked on its services for a longer period of time, and rightly so.

On top of that they are the ones you who pay for your domain, which is nothing short of an incredible benefit. It is clearly a win-win situation for you.

When you talk about shared servers, security is the first thing that comes to mind. And the best part about this company is the very fact that even its basic of services and plans consist of dedicated malware and spyware protection.

The company integrates SSH, which enables users to access their accounts remotely after they authenticate their account, providing a two-step login process, both requiring passwords.


Well, to a final work on whether or not Arvixe is good, the answer is really easy. This is by far one of the most professional and streamlined webhosting companies every to have been established.

Although in terms of customer base and the totality of their services, they don’t come close to the some topnotch companies in the industry, but still, Arvixe is an incredible webhosting solutions provider, perfect for small to medium sized businesses.
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