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Just Host Coupon Codes May 2024

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How to Redeem your JustHost Coupon

Just Host has a fairly easy sign up process for redeeming their webhosting coupons. After you land on their homepage click on their webhosting package.

All you have to do is select the domain, like shown in the picture and then on the same page, enter your coupon code: JustHost Coupon

Just Host – Shared Webhosting Plans & Pricing

The good thing about Just Host’s shared webhosting plans is the very fact that the company has designed them to be extremely specific and streamlined.

They have a total of 2 webhosting plans, yes, there are no options that you can really choose from. And yes both shared hosting plans are relatively similar to each other in terms of features, benefits and bandwidth. However, there are few differences as well. Just Host Coupon Code At $6.95 per month you can enjoy their Premium package and the fact that you will never have to worry about buying a domain name. The Premium plan consists of free domain names, which are free for life.

The Basic plan, however, costs $4.45 per month, but consists of only a single domain, which is free for life. The Premium offers users to become owners of 3 separate domain names.

The Basic plan is well-suited for startups and small websites, while the Premium plan is perfect for larger websites.

The general idea of Just Host is to reel in as many customers as they can by providing new users with the option of becoming owner of more than 2 domain names, which are free.

On top of that, Just Host also provides its users with numerous promo coupons, which means you can save a lot of money by subscribing for Just Host’s webhosting plans.

Update for Webmasters

Just Host just changed their webhosting plans and merged two plans into one, consolidating the packages priced at $6.09 a month.

Benefits of Using Just Host

There are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy if you consider subscribing to their webhosting services.

Although the company is relatively new in the webhosting industry, it is already giving plenty of businesses an above average competition, which means they are indeed securing plenty of users worldwide.

In light of this, mentioned below are some of the best advantages of working with Just Host:

Reliable Hosting Uptime

Although Just Host claims to provide users with consistent uptime of 99.9%, it is important to understand that the company fails to uphold its promise of guaranteeing this uptime, which is normal. Why is it normal? Well, that is primarily due to the fact that plenty of webhosting companies often are unable to keep their promise of providing users with a 99.9% uptime.

But if you compare Just Host with them, it is important to realize that Just Host is quite impressive when it comes to ensuring that their uptime remains unaffected in the face of system upgrades and other complications.

The company does try its best emphasize on a more streamlines, 24/7 uptime.

The one data center that you can find information about is located in Illinois.

However, there are quite a few data centers owned by Just Host, which they haven’t yet disclosed and rather, have kept a pretty big lid on them. So, it is difficult to exactly know what their entire framework and infrastructure is like.

And it is also hard to pinpoint the specifications of all the hardware they incorporate, which also include their backup policy.

On the other hand, Luke Kendall, who is a product manager at Just Host, talked about the company running more than 2,000 servers. He disclosed this information back in 2009, during an interview.

Just Host – Customer Tech Support & Representation

Just Host has a pretty normal or you can say a standard infrastructure when it comes to tech support and customer representation. The company has embedded a streamlined portal for customer support, which enables Just Host users from all around the world to access Just Host’s servers for information pertaining to their status, accessing their videos blogs, blog posts and articles, knowledge base and a number of other aspects.

Like many other webhosting companies, Just Host also has a wide range of platforms you can contact them on in case you need any sort of technical support.

You can contact Just Host via email, through reaching out to their representative on the phone, talk to them via live chat or through snail mail. You can send the company your snail mail on the Utah postal address given on their website.

Although the contact information given on their website is accurate and they do respond as soon as they can, it is also true that Just Host has never been forthcoming when you talk about gaining information about their technical support staff.

So, it is quite difficult to say whether or not they are a third-party of Just Host’s in-house team.

On the other hand, the staff is always on standby and is always willing to help users solve their problems by providing streamline solutions. There is no lackluster performance by the company when you talk about customer support and satisfaction. Just Host's Data Center Plus, the website also has a separate blog section placed on the website, where they frequently posts blogs about emerging complications and issues and how users can themselves solve various issues.

And they also have a detailer FAQ section where some of the most common issues and complications have been listed. So, Just Host is quite resourceful when it comes to technical support.

Just Host cPanel

The control panel is a pretty important element when you talk about subscribing to a webhosting company’s shared packages.

Just Host has an impressive cPanel, which they have included as a part of every shared hosting plan to help users gain a streamlined access to a series of factors like nameservers, webmail, DNS, Add-on domains and a plethora of other web applications, which of course also include Google Apps and Gmail.

However, when you talk about accessing your billing details as well as account management, you will have to go to a completely different cPanel area, where there you will be required to separately log-in. The cPanel can really help you design and manage your website if you consider subscribing for Just Host’s reseller plans.

With Just Host’s reseller plan you will also be provided with a WHM. This is tool is quite helpful when it comes to managing and operating or deleting separate accounts of hosting.

Moreover, with reseller accounts, Just Host also provides its users with a ClientExec package absolutely free of charge. This application can play an instrumental role in streamlining your month or weekly billing and invoicing needs.

Plus, using this feature in Just Host’s reseller account, users can also suspend multiple payments in case of any default activity.

Just Host – Are there any more Surprises?

Well yes, upon registering on any one of their shares webhosting plans, Just Host also throws in the option for you to opt for a free domain name.

Along with that, Just Host also provide users with free credits for advertising, you can use up to $100 worth of advertisements, selecting them from Google Adwords.

Furthermore, there are common scripts, for example eCommerce, message boards, Joomla as well a plethora of other scripts that Just Host provides you when you subscribe for their shared hosting packages.

You can install your scripts using the already given SimpleScript, which is another free service provided by the webhosting company.

Easy Money-back Guarantee

Just Host has designed a pretty awesome infrastructure of cancelling your subscriptions, which does not happen often.

However, still if you’re not satisfied with their services, you can very easily terminate your subscription with them and get your money back.

Unsatisfied users will get a refund, which will amount to the outstanding amount of the initial contract whenever they choose to terminate their account with Just Host.

But if you cancel your subscription in the very first month, Just Host will provide you with a full refund without any complications or string attached. You will be given you money back without any questions being asked.

Just Host enables users to terminate their accounts via a plethora of way, which includes chat, ticket and phone. To ensure that the termination of your account at Just Host is indeed happening, you can always double check the details of your account, determining whether or not everything mentioned on it is accurate. You should always do this before you invoke a termination request.

The refund and the way you will be refunded solely depends on how you paid for subscribing to Just Host’s shared webhosting packages.

If you used your credit card for the transaction, Just Host will give your money back via crediting the total amount right back at your credit card. The same goes with other modes of payment, if you’ve used PayPal for your transactions, the company will make a refund to you via PayPal.

And lastly, if you have used a check for payment, Just Host will refund the money to you via check.

Just Host Company Overview

Just Host is a company that has designed its webhosting packages to suit the needs for webmasters that are looking for quality solutions at a shoestring budget.

There aren’t many companies that provide their users with streamlined services at budget friendly prices. Just Host is a reputable webhosting and VPS service provider that emphasizes its curated services on providing users with excellent hosting packages and resellers solutions.

The company has a lot of potential and focuses on attracting new customers by providing them with discounts as well a host of webhosting and reseller coupons.

Plus, it is one of very few companies that provide users with a money back guarantee that you can claim anytime, literally anytime.

Just Host was established in 2008, so it is fairly new company. The webhosting provider was the brilliant idea of the Chris Phillips, an entrepreneur based in the UK.

The company was initially founded by the JDI (Just Develop It) group of IT companies, but the main individual behind its launch was none other than Chris Phillips.

Phillips became popular in the online world when he sold his company, named Dot5, which was also a webhosting firm. The young entrepreneur then went on signing a deal with the EIG (Endurance International Group), based in the US.

He sold the company to the EIG, the very same group of companies that also own iPage, Bluehost and numerous other webhosting companies. EIG is US based.

The headquarters of Just Host is now located in the US along with Australia and of course, the UK. In the US, Just Host’s data center is situation in Illinois.

The company also committed to incorporated Greener technologies to significantly minimize their carbon footprint. The program they incorporate was known as Go Green. However, they no longer use the program and little is mentioned be the top officials of the company.


Just Host was also caught in a controversy a few years ago when customer complained that they could not find the company’s rating on the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

And for a short time there were no ratings available. However, the fault was not with Just Host.

The Better Business Bureau explained that at the time this issue took a powerful form, BBB was in the process of updating all files pertaining to each and every business listed in the Greater LA region.

All the Positives of Just Host

As per what I experienced using Just Host, here is a full list of some of the most amazing things about this webhosting company and why it is growing out to be a popular webhosting provider in the US as well as outside of it:

The attraction of unlimited bandwidth – which of course is not true to a larger extent, however, they do provide users with consistent uptimes without fault.

You can get your subscription cancelled anytime you want, and have your money back anytime you want. This is by far one of the best things about this company.

Just Host’s basic level shared hosting plan provides users with unlimited domains, which nothing short of impressive.

The pricings of Just Host’s shared hosting packages can be compared with HostMonster and Bluehost

Just Host provides user with simple cPanel design and navigation, making it easy for both new users who have less experience and for veteran webmasters.
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