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HostGator VPS Review

When it comes to VPS hosting, few can rival the efficiency and the quality of Hostgator. They have a state of the art hosting solutions designed for different types of users to meet their specified requirements.

One of the best aspects of the company is the fact that it provides customers with the option of upgrading their package to another package depending on their usage and enhanced needs. Plus, while upgrading, customer do not have to worry about losing uptime and data nor do they have to go through a frustrating restoration cycle.

The entirety of the upgrading process is managed by Hostgator along with a couple of their automated scripts. However, the end result is always satisfying – never hampering the growth of your website.

HostGator VPS packages always have these features:

  • fully Managed (with cPanel/Plesk)
  • Virtuozzo Panel
  • own IP address
  • complete Root Access
  • private DNS
  • unlimited Domains and unlimited Sub Domains
  • unlimited MySQL Databases and unlimited FTP Accounts
  • unlimited Email Accounts

Customer Support

Before diving into the details of why Hostgator is renowned as one of the best VPS providers in the US, it is important to reflect on the company's customer support, which is nothing short of efficient.

Although it is quite difficult to rate their service in line of their customer base, a majority of users never have to wait more than minute while contacting their staff. Plus, all of Hostgator's customer support members are English speakers, which makes everything all the more efficient – and customers never have to worry about any type of communication issue.

Hostgator's Powerful VPS Solutions

While it is true that some of Hostgator's competitors may quote significantly lower prices, the fact of the matter is, anybody who is engaged in running a single blog, which is incorporated with SSL-Login security will realize that the prices quoted by Hostgator still float on the lower side of the spectrum.

Hostgator is among very few companies that provides users with exceptionally efficient VPS solutions, flexibilities and unmatched pricings. Hostgator provides it powerful VPS solutions in 2 semi-managed and 7 fully powered and managed tiers.

And this is why Hostgator's from a mere $19 and climb up to $209.95 per month.

VPS plans that host 2 semi-managed solutions do not include the company's cPanel support; however, Hostgator does provide users with Virtuozzo. But its 7-semi managed solutions incorporate a full back-up of their incredibly flexible and efficient cPanel, which comes at a price of $10 per month.

Out of the 7 packages, the least costing packages comes with cPanel support along with additional costs of adds, which bring the total of the of package to $49.95 per month. This package provides users with 24/7 access to Hostgator's powerful 1.13 GHz servers, a processing speed of 768 MB and 30 GB worth of storage along with a bandwidth allocation of 500 GB.

Still if you add other expenses such as domain registration fee or fees for transfer, this package will cost you $600 in the first year, which is nothing in comparison to a majority of companies that claim more and offer less.

But if $600 per year sounds too expensive, you have to understand that Hostgator also provides users with Dell services that incorporate 2 Nehalem-class processing units. This interprets into power and efficiency – along with affordable hosting.

High Class Shared Hosting Plans

Hostgator provides some of the most reasonable shared hosting plans. As a matter of fact the company's name is mentioned in reference to some of the best shared hosting providers around the globe.

Hostgator's Hatchling, Baby and Business plans all provide users with limitless bandwidth as well as limitless disk space. However, the Hatchling plan offers users a single domain while in the other two plans users can use as many domain names as they wish.

The Bottom Line

While anybody can use Hostgator's VPS solutions, the company's dedicated hosting plans are designed for those who have a serious knack for hosting and require constant power and performance.

The only flipside of using Hostgator's highly efficient VPS solutions is the fact that you will have to sight for lengthy contracts in order to secure the lowest of prices.

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