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Bluehost VPS Review

Bluehost is among one of the very first hosting companies. And today Bluehost stands as one of the most prominent hosting services in the market – powering more than 2 million websites around the globe.

It has significantly evolved from being a simple shared-hosting provider becoming a go-to platform for a majority of customers looking for efficient, diverse and flexible VPS solutions. Plus, the company has also revamped its websites – making it more user-friendly and simple for first-time hosting customers.

Bluehost is a reputable and renowned Linux hosting and solutions provider. Their shared hosting packages and services have become increasingly popular throughout the globe and over 3 million users and webmasters use their services. The company officially introduced its Linux VPS hosting solution in 2013.

They incorporate the use of advanced cloud systems and technologies like Openstack and KVM and have a delightful amalgamation of features in all their packages. Once you use their services you will understand why they have become so popular.

Bluehost Provides Highly Secure and Reliable VPS Solutions

The company's VPS systems are protected and secured by Anti-DDoS systems for enhances protection against spamming. On top of that Bluehost provides its customers with guaranteed VPS resources – which enables you to enjoy a more constant and consistent performance and your website will never slow down in case one of your accounts is experiencing a downtime.

Bluehost also provides with a flexible migration of services, which means you can upgrade your account at anytime should you require more processing power and storage – and you will not have to worry about your websites being slowed down.

Price Value

There is no question about the fact Bluehost provides some of the most competitive prices for all its packages. The company offers a total of four VPS packages, the most popular package starts at $29.99 per month – and includes 1 TB transfer per month, 30 GB worth of storage, 1 free domain, 1 dedicated IP, 2 singles cores and incorporates a WHM/cPanel.

Above all, Bluehost full manages all your four VPS packages, which essentially means the company is responsible for the security of your website, maintaining your uptime and applying server patch.

Customer Support

Bluehost has an incredibly responsive customer support unit – which operates 24/7. They answer your calls within 5 to 10 minutes and guide you through every process, explaining everything you want to know. On top of that, Bluehost also provides a free phone-answering service for all your questions pertaining to their VPS solutions as a customer.

Powerful VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

If you're looking for power, a high volume of traffic or if you demand particular compliance requirements that are inhibiting you from utilizing shared servers – Bluehost's VPS solutions can be your ultimate salvation.

Bluehost has four tiers designed for Linux-based VPS solutions. The Standard, as mentioned above, begins at $29.99 and incorporates a decent range of features and options where as its Ultimate package comes at $119.99 per month and provides users with 240 GB worth of storage, 8 GH of memory and 4 TBs of month to month data transfers.

However, just as Bluehost provides discounts for its long term shared hosting customers; it also gives considerably discounts to VPS customers, but on long-term contracts. The only flipside to using Bluehost is the very fact that it doesn't provide Windows-based VPS solutions.

Security Features

The security features integrated by Bluehost are nothing less than pleasantly surprising. The company incorporates the use of three different anti-spam tools – which includes Spam Experts, Spam Hammer and Apache Spam Assassin.

On top of that it also provides customers with hotlink security. With Bluehost you can also manage to make your own filters for your emails, generate password-protect directories, make user account filters, create IP address backlists and maintain control of private keys as well as your digital certificates.

All in all, Bluehost provides customers with an impressive array of VPS solutions, which are integrated with topnotch security and balanced features.

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